In my experience thus far, working with the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee as a mental-health legislative-advocate, it seems I am the underdog—up against the powerful myriad of conflicting-interests that seek to suppress the mental-health consumer voice. So, in my newfound capacity as the representative mental-health underdog, I’ve realized the need to consider all forms of power at my immediate disposal; the most notable, being my ability to write—and to write well.

Accordingly, after pitching my first mental-health article idea yesterday, and now after pitching my second to Forbes.com today—I’ve decided to just make it a habit, to pitch once a day. I will deliver the results, as they come in, underneath this link.

There’s no way to be sure what will happen, and I know the prognosis looks “not so good”—but here at Jane Says, we do not pitch comfortably so as to protect fragile egos…

We pitch to win.

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