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Reflection from September 18th, 2017 @ Age 36



Jean’s genes; that’s what my cousin Sara said—in response to my explanation that some forms of intelligence are, in fact, hidden.

She said, Jean’s genes.

I was explaining to her, that not all forms of intelligence—look, the same.  Nor, actually, do they all come from the same family—even.  And, sometimes, they are hiddenthat’s a’what I was sayin’ ;0)

To which, she then, responded—Jean’s genes.  It was sweet—noting, obviously, my Aunt Jean’s twin brother Mark, as it relates to said implications.

Anyway, speaking of coding (regarding which, President Obama just sent out a tweet)—it was interesting to find out from Sara’s Bubi (my Aunt Jean’s—husband Ben’s, mother), that my Uncle Ben’s side’a the family is Russian!  I had no idea ;oD

But, I did have an awesome conversation with my Uncle Larry, at the wedding—who is a counselor, and I found out I’m not the only one, who’s struggled with substance abuse in our family.

So, that was kinda nice; it’s always nice to know you’re not alone—and, notably, as it relates to same, when all parties involved are in recovery-mode.  What a blessing!

Well, in any case, that’s all for now!  Haven’t been writin’ much, as of yet—but, soon, so much to tell!

All my love,

Marissa Kristina Varcho


Ohh yeah—duh!  Lol, before I forget!

So, I had this whole wonderful conversation at the wedding, with my Uncle Larry, right—husband to my Aunt Irene, a.k.a. sister to my mom, Aunt Jean and Uncle Mark.  And, this, of course, is after I had a whole wonderful conversation with my Aunt Irene, previously—at Nina’s wedding shower (which took place back in August, during which time I spoke with Bubi and found out about the whole Russian heritage deal).

Well, anyway, I was speaking with my Uncle Larry, right—and had one’a those moments, where, whilst you’re speaking, your spirit kinda rises up n’says, this’s an interesting moment, you see…


Lol, well, anyway, that’s what happened—and, when it did, let’s see…

This, is what I was a’sayin’…

Something like, during all my decade’s worth’a time in weekly and biweekly therapy—I learned how helpful it is, not to place blame, but, rather, look at other people as human beings.

And, I said to him, for example, even with my own parents and siblings—that shift in perspective from mom/dad/brother to human being, has been everything.  I suppose, taking my thinking up out from those confines of psycho-sociologically programmed role restrictions—that shift in my perspective, I was telling him, changed everything.  That’s, what I was explaining to him ;0)

And, it was, just, interesting—not only in the sense that he, too, seemed interested, in what it was that I was saying…

But, man, lol…


You should’a seen the look on his face!  Like, I was some kinda magical being ;oD


It was very SWEET—as was the moment we were leaving, and my Aunt Irene handed me this lit-tle, teeny tiny baby glass jar a’Bonne Maman honey ;0)

That kind with the gingham-patterned top, that jellies and jam come in.

Usually, though, they’re red and white patterned—which I know, ‘cause my mom gets ‘em religiously, and they often turn into my ash receptacles, when they’re empty ;oD

But, not this one, this lil’ baby honey one, that my Aunt Irene gave me—it’s blue n’white gingham, like that dress in Wizard of Oz, on Dorothy!

Hah!  Speak’a the devil!  As it happens, my Uncle Larry and I were also talking ‘bout my mother’s mother—who’s name was Dorothy, and just like my Uncle Mark’s daughter Lindsay, had that crimson-red hair.

That crimson red hair—just like, in the Wizard of Oz.



All my love!

From The Last Unicorn—to the moon and back, and forevermore ;0)




Ohhh yeah…

And, speaking, still—of said, crimson-red hair…

And, then, there was my baby-cousin Nathan Nager—Sara’s brother, who didn’t even recognize me, what, with this white-blonde hair ;oD

My lit-tle, lamb-y phase—with this white-blonde hair ;oD

And, my maternal grandmother, Dorothy (Maycheck) Sabik—with her I <3 Lucy crimson-red, Wizard of Oz hair.

Lol, we got the genes—aight ;0)


And, now, there’s also my mom’s other sister—my Aunt Ruth, with red locks, as well; in addition, to my cousin Olivia—my Uncle Mark’s daughter, who’s working on her Ph.D. in biochemistry, I think it is, at UVA right now.

And, lastly, but perhaps, most importante—there’s my maternal grandpa (Joseph Sabik) and my Uncle Mark, who all up n’transformed from my own chestnut-brown locks, to platinum-blonde unicorn hair au naturel ;oD

And, so it is—a wonderful life, after all ;oD


I always forget—how dearly much, I <3 writing.

All my love!

Once more we are in a period of uncertainty, of danger, in which not only our own safety but that of all mankind is threatened.  Once more we need the qualities that inspired the development of the democratic way of life.  We need imagination and integrity, courage and a high heart.  We need to fan the spark of conviction, which may again inspire the world as we did with our new idea of the dignity and the worth of free men.  But first we must learn to cast out fear.  People who “view with alarm” never build anything.


Eleanor Roosevelt

Hyde Park

August 1962

Ain’ **no** WOMAN, not EVEN a’one—who is’a ISLAND, all **unto** herself ;0)