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Reflection from July 1st, 2017 @ Age 36



It feels particularly relevant, that I take the time here, to note—that Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ Show is permeating the forefront of my consciousness right now, in a manner I can only describe at present, as ‘very much so.’

I’m just about halfway through the process of consuming all 13 of its episodes.  It seems relevant, now, though—in the sense that, well…

Figuring out how to describe the ‘aforementioned shit that happened’ from Good Friday on n’up-wards, ’til NOW—the complexity of that process is so very well reflected, I think, within Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ Show.

I mean, take it with a grain at this point—‘cause, as I said, I’ve only yet consumed half of the whole 13 episodes.  But, there definitely, err…


I can definitely see the parallel.  Which makes sense, then, as to why I felt so annoyed—upon reading a headline somewhere, all talking ‘bout some kinda concern, that human beings who struggle with suicidal ideation may feel triggered, by that particular Netflix Show.

It really rubbed me the wrong way—in case you couldn’t tell ;oD


Let’s see…

Well, as a caveat, I will say—I did not read the article ;oD

But, to say (assuming, it did—which, I do NOT) that a, ughhh

I’m not assuming this’s what that article said, obviously—because I did not read, the article.  Or, review—whatever you wanna call it…

But, so help me God…

To automatically assume that a KID, suffering within this society, from suicidal thoughts—would be worse off, after consuming a work of art that accurately depicts that kid’s very own reality (which, by the way—is what feeds those suicidal thoughts)…

Ugh.  Lol ;oD

Semantics and all aesthetic pleasure aside—even the thought of such an underlying presumption, was too much.  Too much, NOT to sink into my skin—and, light that fire, which serves as the entire basis, for why I write.

Unethical psycho-sociological mind conditioning, is “leading” to the death of America’s Children by suicide—and some critic thinks (potentially ;oD) (but, for their sake—I hope NOT!) the best way to protect our kids, from suicide, is to just continue on hiding said unethical psycho-sociological mind-conditioning, in the darkness?!!

I mean, no wonder we have so many kids here in America who are killing themselves.

And, it’s particularly noteworthy here, to explicate—the underlying “critical” disdain in such a presumption, just generally speaking, as it relates to controversial art.

It’s like saying, don’t reflect the messy horror of American reality via art—‘cause if you DO, and some poor, ignorant, intolerant fool happens to stumble upon it…

It might trip ‘em up ;oD

Or, more accurately, trip ‘em down, down, DOWN—bursting their bubble of ignorance, such that they can see, their own ignorance.  And then, ideally, utilize such an enlightening experience—to gain knowledge, and actually better their own being.

It’s just like Nietzsche says—some people don’t want to know the truth, ‘cause they don’t want their illusion destroyed.  Lol, BEST ta just let our kids kill themselves…

Sigh.  Don’t cha just love American Society?


All my love!



Duh ;oD

KILL themselves via suicide, or, in the alternative—get hooked on opioids, and then die in the absence of health insurance, but of course ;oD

And then, obviously this journal entry, does not include the ol’ “patriarchal” sexual harassment/abuse of power by (some) white-skinned males discussion—but, ’13 Reasons Why’ certainly delves in ta that topic, as well ;0)

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth—so help me, God.


He did bless America, after all!