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Reflection from April 22nd, 2017 @ Age 35



Ohhh, my —GOD— ;oD

Think about, how long—I was, lol…


Totally just, ACCEPTING the negative energy—of others ;oD

For the longest —TIME— ;oD

Well, good GOD—looksy here, too ;oD

Billy Joelwas RIGHT ;oD


To be serious, though—essentially, like, eternities worth’a negative energy!

Out of “guilt,” whereby—I mean, I was literally programmed psycho-socially to believe that I had to accept the negative energy of others, even though I had nothing whatsoever, to do with its creation ;oD

And yet, in the process of —MY— ;oD

(a.k.a. former life!)

In the process of tryin’ a’grow UP ;oD

So as…well, such that I could, EVEN—figure that out…

“They” kept tryin’ a’TRAP me—and, kill me EVEN ;oD

And yet, I would not DIE ;oD

And, they’d trap me, which’s how I learned things—ohh, of all sorts of kinds ;oD


A.K.A. got my colors ;oD



Walk through the Valley of the shadow of death—walk through FIRE ;oD

Sport a disguise—a.k.a. just one color, in a cloak of many…




And, Dolly Parton was Right—they were all, right!

Wow.  ALL of the ones, in the light—being, ALL of the ones that I have loved.

No wonder I woke up the other morning—humming In My Life, to my self


Wow.  And, CATCHER in the Rye—n’everything!




(which says a LOT—for an ol’ ocean a’WORDS ;oD)






I crossed an ocean of words, and I found you.



Marissa Kristina Varcho


Ohh yeah, DUH ;oD

All that negative energy which did NOT, kill me—because I am the fountain of youth, it is what it IS…

I mean, kids don’t lie.  The fountain of LIFE.

For all that negative energy, even—I just kept matching it!

So, then, it just got to the POINT—where “they” had a’just


“JUST” ;oD

Just, my shiny —MOON— shine, ass



Just” ;oD

That’s, why they had a’keep me spinning my wheelspointlessly, for absolutely —NO— constructive reason ;oD

‘Cause, as soon as I found out I did have the power—to just. say. —NO— ;oD

(F.U. Nancy Reagan—COMPLICIT, in “America” the Terrorist’s child killing)

As soon as I found out I had The Power—they were done for.



What elsa, have we yet—to LEARN ;oD

Wow. wow. WOW.




But the most powerful of all arguments is, that nothing but independence, i.e., a continental form of government, can keep the peace of the continent and preserve it inviolate from civil wars.  I dread the event of a reconciliation with Britain now, as it is more than probable that it will be followed by a revolt somewhere or other, the consequences of which may be far more fatal than all the malice of Britain.

Thousands are already ruined by British barbarity.  Thousands more will probably suffer the same fate.  Those men have other feelings than us who have nothing suffered.  All they now possess is liberty; what they before enjoyed is sacrificed to its service, and having nothing more to lose, they disdain submission.  Besides, the general temper of the colonies towards a British government, will be like that of a youth who is nearly out of his time; they will care very little about her.  And a government which cannot preserve the peace, is no government at all, and in that case we pay our money for nothing; and pray what is it that Britain can do, whose power will be wholly on paper, should a civil tumult break out the very day after reconciliation?  I have heard some men say, many of whom I believe spoke without thinking, that they dreaded an independence, fearing that it would produce civil wars.  It is but seldom that our first thoughts are truly correct, and that is the case here; for there is ten times more to dread from a patched up connection than from independence.  I make the sufferer’s case my own, and I protest, that were I driven from house and home, my property destroyed, and my circumstances ruined, that as a man sensible of injuries, I could never relish the doctrine of reconciliation, or consider myself bound thereby.


The colonies have manifested such a spirit of good order and obedience to continental government, as is sufficient to make every reasonable person easy and happy on that head.  No man can assign the least pretense for his fears, on any other grounds, than such as are truly childish and ridiculous, viz., that one colony will be striving for superiority over another.


Where there are no distinctions there can be no superiority; perfect equality affords no temptation.  The republics of Europe are all (and we may say always) in peace: Holland and Switzerland are without wars, foreign or domestic; monarchical governments, it is true, are never long at rest: the crown itself is a temptation to enterprising ruffians at home; and that degree of pride and insolence ever attendant on legal authority, swells into a rupture with foreign powers, in instances where a republican government, by being formed on more natural principles, would negotiate the mistake.

If there is any true cause of fear respecting independence, it is because no plan is yet laid down.  Men do not see their way out—Wherefore, as an opening into that business, I offer the following hints; at the same time modestly affirming, that I have no other opinion of them myself, than that they may be the means of giving rise to something better.  Could the straggling thoughts of individuals be collected, they would frequently form materials for wise and able men to improve into useful matter.



Common Sense/Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs.

Circa 1776