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Written Reflection from April 3rd, 2017 @ Age 35



Wait’a minute…



No!  It never did occur to me, before this very present date—a.k.a. “to’DAY* ;oD

That, lol, generally speaking—in very rough (i.e. never before—put into words…) words…

That, well, hmm…


OKAY, so…

That there could be ethical people, who do have GOBS’a money—in charge’a a government err, whatevs…


Ohhh my good, GOD…


Or, a, even, well—or even a corporation, in fact ;oD

Ugh!  Peeps with money who are ethical, too!  But, then, LET’s see…

People with less money, or even no money at ALL—who start up these “nationalistic” fascist NAZI movements, to try’n gain “power” over these ethical people (who HAPPEN—to have a lotta money)…


I tell you whateven since way back when I accidentally sliced a hole through Clint Eastwood’s heart…


LET’s see—one sec…


I somehow confused him with one’a these “plastic” ones who’ll do anything, for money(!)—umm, ‘cause he came out during, sometime during pre-Election 2016 callin’ the GOP boys, pussies

And, what happened (with me), at the TIME—was that, I got kinda…

Rubbed, the wrong way by that; in the SENSE—that, there I was doin’ what I do, for freedom (but, notably also, for “free” in the sense’a to my own teeny tiny, WEE lit-tle insignificant, personal financial detriment)…

Sigh.  So, all’a THAT—and then, here Clint Eastwood comes out’a the woodwork ;oD

And, I was like—ALL of this I’m doin’ for freedom, to save my country, no less, and here comes Clint Eastwood out’a Hollywood…

To insult, women?


Simple” misunderstanding—could not be further from the fact!


Which, I very shortly, after the incident, realized—when Clint’s son showed up like, the next DAY, in Entertainment Weekly, who (as it happened ;oD) was in Suicide Squad.


Which, by the way, I loved

Mess n’ALL—loved, loved, LOVED!

But, anyway, YEAH!  Clint’s son was an actor in that movie, which, well—about which (i.e. said movie) I may very well’ve made my <3 obvious…


Publicly speaking—YOU know what I mean…


And, so, this whole “little,” PUSSY incident occurs with me’n Clint in the—well, **America’s** political arena ;oD


And then, like, the very next day Clint’s son shows up in EW—talking ‘bout how his dad is such a good GUY, and always made him (i.e. Clint’s son) take real good care n’look out for his little sister (a.k.a. Clint Eastwood’s, DAUGHTER ;oD)…


Whew!  My arm hurts, from handwriting—but, I’ma keep going…


Sigh ;oD

(a.k.a. sigh—in the best sense!)

So, but, to wrap this UP—then I was all kinda rubbed the wrong way again, in the sense’a Joe Biden’s young female aide tellin’ him, “She’s out there all alone, sir,” regarding Anita Hill during what’s his face’s, *confirmation* hearing…

Gooooooo H—B—O ;oD

But then, yesterday—hmm…

LET’s see…

Well, Nietzsche says somethin’ like,


“What do I care about the purring of a thing that cannot love—like the CAT.”

And, it *just* altogether CLICKED, in my HEAD—that maybe, that’s kinda like what Clint meant, back on August 9th, 2016 (I just looked it up) at the time of the initial incident.  And, then, of course—I was like, “wait’a minute” ;oD

And, so, the ongoing moral to the story, here ;oD

Is that, I’m pretty sure Clint’s original “pussy” comment ;oD

Had to DO, with “pussies”—as opposed, to **pussy** you see…


Ughhhl—but, all the same ;oD

Yay ;oD

And, then, to be entirely disgustingly honest—my DEAR ;oD

I think it also had’a do with that whole notion within “American” society—regarding, well, “American” beauty (i.e. NOT the last line’a the movie—as per Kevin Spacey, kinda beauty).


Which’s exactly what I was talking ‘bout in my last video—with regard to why I think Amy Schumer, IS beautiful, in the sense of **beautiful** and, in addition…

Lol, wow

Exactly what I showed (a.k.a. NOT telled ;oD) with the, umm, graphics (I guess, really though—to be specific, GIFs)—on my, well, within my, err, lol…


Throughout, my last The Cultivation *OF* Beauty post—what with the ugly duckling, turns into beautiful swan, situation…

Via Sandra Bullock—and, all the other wonderful and ahh-may-ZING people, who contributed to Miss Congeniality’s creation.


And then, BOY—did I feel wretched!  And so, then, yesterday—on Twitter, but’a course…


I made it RIGHT—in a sense that I very truly, deeply…


Well, hope made it through all those mass chanels—a’communication.  Sigh.  ‘Cause I felt awful—the very moment I was finally able, to understand.

But, I have to tell you…

I feel **fairly** certain ;oD

That the chanels—had my back ;oD

‘Cause, in the process’a makin’ that whole ordeal with Clint Eastwood, RIGHT, again—as it happened…

In that process, of making—YOU know, my amends ;oD

I inadvertently spun UP—some #BigLittleLies maaagic ;oD

All my love!

Marissa Kristina ;oD


Oh yeah…

And, by “people with GOBS’a money who’re ethical,” as above-mentioned—I meant NON-minority (a.k.a. white-skinned male) Americans withs gobs’a money, who. are. ETHICAL ;oD


And then, obviously, if we’re talking ‘bout ethical white-skinned American males (who have gobs’a money—as it happens)—well, obviously then, we’re talking ‘bout **American** MEN ;oD

a.k.a. one’a my MOST—favorite things


Honestly, though, given my love for Marshall Bruce Mathers IIIdoesn’t this all seem rather obvious, NOW










P.P.S. when I was communicatin’ with Vladimir Putin, on JANE Says, back on (lol) who knows WHEN(!)—‘bout the things I imagine, lit-tle did I know, how much I meant ;oD


Ohhh yeah, and P.P.S.S. as it relates, to same—I’ve also got some new elaborations, regarding “America” and his worldwide “economic”-sanctions terrorism.


But, as for NOW—I’ma goin’ runnin’…


I’ll be BACK ;oD




And lastly, in closing—tonight…

I am definitely, undoubtedly, and without hesitation—beginning to get the feeling, that I am not the only **one** in this BIG, wide world…

Who loves Friedrich Nietzsche—after all ;oD

Who knew…


Marissa Kristina Varcho