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Reflection from February 14th, 2017 @ Age 35



Sigh.  Two elaborations—to add to what I’d written earlier.

First, when I said have to, I meant—I choose to, of free WILL, in the sense that I want to because I need to, and then there, hence, the “have,” you know?

HALF/have—kinda like black HOLE, versus complete whole.


And if that doesn’t cut it, i.e. you have any further QUESTIONSplease, don’t hesitate to ask.


Also, as it relates to the white-skinned “GOP” male equation, in this same vein—what is, particularly interesting, is the variation to same, as it played out, in **America’s** Presidential Election circa 2016.

SPECIFICALLY, in the sense that, this time—Trumpateer Warbucks, came in as the swap for “good” ol’ Daddy KOCH-a-pus.



Whew.  Okay, better!  I’d just gotten out of the bath, and I was so thirsty—not to even mention, dressed in nothing but a towel-wrap!


But, fear NOT ;oD

I’m BACK—to finish this lil’ ol’ mathematical analysis.


Okay, let’s see…

Where’d we leave off

Ohh, right.  Okay, so, white-skinned “GOP” males fed **garbage** by their own parents, without merit—which, thereby, had the consequential EFFECT, of “leading” said children to believe in something that does not actually, exist (a.k.a. their own, egos).

So, then, America as a consequence of that, had a bunch’a white-skinned “GOP” males runnin’ around with their wee lit-tle, artificially-inflated egos, right—but, they did not know their egos were not real (i.e. man-made; a.k.a. not organic/natural).  So, they’re runnin’ around, causin’ a whole lotta **Americans** a whole lotta suffering.  And, believe it or NOT—the parents of this wretched issue, actually liked this.  Or, at least, Daddy KOCH-a-pus did—‘cause it meant, he could continue to feel merit-lessly superior, and he had his “wife” so hopped up on self-hatred and various addictions, that she didn’t even notice.

But, the problem still, was that baby-boy KOCH-a-pus didn’t know the true nature, of his artificially-inflated “man” ego—which meant, that when Trumpateer Warbucks came along and said—“Annio, I’ll adopt you!”



Baby-boy KOCH-a-pus, thought that was a real sweet DEAL—premised, of course, on his real-belief in his own false-ego; and then, combined with the fact that Trumpateer Warbucks, told him everything he wanted to hear—and Trumpateer Warbucks “listened” to baby-boy KOCH-a-pus, which Daddy KOCH-a-pus never did.

So, that’s at the very least—one set, of variation there, from the original equation.  A second, of course, being—that in this instance, of **America’s** Presidential Election circa 2016—it was not “just” that baby-boy KOCH-a-pus behaved in a dishonestly unethical fashion, but rather—that he did so for someone other than Daddy KOCH-a-pus.  And that, is of particular importance, because—the unethical behavior engaged in by baby-boy KOCH-a-pus, occurred outside of the realm of EXPERTISE, that encompasses Daddy KOCH-a-pussy’s attorneys’ knowledge set, or—in other words, *J*U*S*T* as Friedrich Nietzsche predicted in his epilogue to, **America’s** 2016 State of the Union Address.

So, that should be sufficient—for now ;oD

And, in the meanwhile—I’m looking forward to hearing from my lover.


Lovey-dove, *D*O*V*E* ;oD