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Reflection from February 12th, 2017 @ Age 35



NOT, just tryin’ prohibit all unethical (a.k.a. unhackabley…ugh! LATER!)—behavior, via law.  Or, rather, via—“Man’s,” law.


Bear with me!

Doing so, would allow, then—wiggle room, FOR immoral behavior of the *complex* sort—i.e. NOT, simple immoral behavior (being, simple to spot by “religiously” trained simple-processing systems), but rather, umm…

Let’s see…

True ethics—are unhackable.  Morals were derivedfrom ethics.

Morals, were derived from ethics—because ethics is a super complex branch of philosophy; i.e. NOT “simple” to understand—although, due to this nature, and then, combined with a society which has heretofore, ENCOURAGED stunting the growth of simple-processing systems which may otherwise’ve, blossomed, into complex-minded processing systems…



Wow.  We’ve got people somewhere, here on EARTH—who fully comprehend ethics and’ve been using, said knowledge, to literally create “policy platforms” that they full well KNOW—will seem “moral” from the perspective of simple-minded processing systems (who would not, know better—’til someone like me came along ;oD)…


DESPITE, the inherently unethical nature of said “policy platforms”—regarding which, said creators WERE, are, and still, continue to be—consciously aware.  And, we know the creators of said unethical “policy platforms” are consciously aware of the unethical nature, of same—because, otherwise, they would not have been capable, to create said unethical, public “policy positions.”



Think TANKS—lol…


Wow.  We’ve got some intellectual humans, here in **America**—‘bout a’be in some huuuge ass, mother-F’ing trouble ;oD


That’s SOME kinda mens’ rea, there ;oD


Lol, “no wonder I’m so stubborn…”


BORN, and then kept a “stub”—‘cause the mother-F’ers, won’t let’m GROW…



I definitely feel weird.  Right now, I mean—like, unmistakably so.


The guy who imitated President “Regan” back in the day, you know—on SNL I guess, he was in the news today.


There’s definitely—something fishy goin’ on here, yo!




Sometimes I get so overtaken with impatience, you know—IT’S a challenge, for sure.  But, that’s why—patience is a virtue.


Boy, I don’t feel weird at ALL, now!  But, I promised my “self” ;oD

I’d do a video, sigh—like, tonight!  Which means, I gotta go bathe and do hair and makeup, which’s kinda annoying—and yet, I’ma do it, in any case.  And notably, EVEN in light of the fact—that I don’t have anything pressing to say!


But, I feel like it’ll “come” to me—as Grace Vanderwaal would say ;o)


Hair and makeup, bathe—at least I have something new and cute to wear.  That’s exciting.


Just do it, Maris!



Oh, whew!



Lol, no—just kiddin’ ;oD

Boy!  I still—feel weird as can BE!


However, as it turns out—the REALLY important part was not actually, makin’ a video; but RATHER, just gettin’ myself all dressed up—in my new Grateful Dead t-shirt ;oD

And, I have to tell you—I am, so grateful!  ‘Cause I am exhausted; and, for what REASONS—we may never know!


But, suffice it to say—I just really didn’t have the energy today, to do a video.

And, that’s cool.


S.O. weird ;oD

All my love,




Oh yeah, ughrrr…

Sigh.  So, on a, well…

Some kinda note—for whatever reason, it occurred to me I think, either yesterday, or today

I remembered way back, well…


NOT “way” back, actually ;oD

However, the male I used to be married to—well, I just keep, err, it just keeps occurring to me that, at the very beginning of when we started dating, right…

Like, before we married ahead of his double-lung transplant—when we’d just first started dating, I just keep hearing him say to me in my head, “I don’t like talking on the phone.

I don’t know, I mean—I’m not particularly keen on even talking about it, but I thought I should mention it in the sense that it is very strange, that just out of “nowhere,” right—that’d be something I’d be thinkin’ about.

And then, there was another weird thing like that, too.  I can’t remember it now—ohhh…

Sigh.  I’m just really starting to get the feeling, now—that if I went back and read my book and watched all my videos, sigh

That things’d look very different, from how they used to—in a sense which would justify my curious, ongoing utilization of the term horror-show.



I don’t want to look, right now.  And, I don’t have to—nor do I need too, either.  But, I do sense that there is something there—that I could not see, before.  Something that does, relate somehow—to that prior President Reagan/The Exorcist thought.

Sigh.  But, the good news is…


The nightmare is over—thank GOD.


“There’s a line in the final version of the song about how we’re going to ‘disappear into the mountains.’  That was our plan from the jump, to grow beards and get weird.”


I love that dudewith all my heart.

Marissa Kristina Varcho