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Reflection from February 10th, 2017 @ Age 35



And then, lastly, ‘cause I’m already PAST—the last “official” page, of this journal I began on January 30th, 2017 ;oD

I do not think it was a “coincidence” at ALL, that I just “happened” to be in the middle of a very extensive discussion with Kanye West on Twitter—when the news of Justice Scalia’s DEATH, rolled on out.


Looks like the man got his “scales” down, after ALL


HERE’S to Heaven, folks ;oD


Ohh yes…

No.1.  Eye;

No.2.  Moon;

No.3.  Journal.

(So I don’t forget!)

First, all evening now, my right-eye has been twitching—which is very strange, because I’m not on any psycho-tropic meds anymore, nor have I BEEN, since July 2014, actually.


Second, you would not BELIEVE—the full moon out, tonight!  She’s so BRIGHT—it doesn’t even seem like night, outside!

And, at LONG lickety last


I *<3* my new Patina-brown, Italian-leather, Barnes & Noble Dragon journal I’m sittin’ here, writin’ in.


I did get two-special ones, after all!  But, this one seemed most appropriate, for NOW—since the “keys” to my heart is still, well, **processing** ;oD

Okay, to bed—I go!

All of my love for now, and forevermore.


I was just reminded, of one of my last meetings with Dr. C—my psychologist who, after I’d decided (autonomously) to embark upon my mental-health legislative-advocacy journey—and had already in fact, begun the process, at the Ohio Statehouse, with Ohio’s Senate Civil Justice Committee…

I had a meeting with her, wherein, we wound up talking about MLK Jr.—at which point, I remember, she’d said, to me:

“Do you know what happened to him, though?”

I suppose, referencing the fact—that he was, assassinated.  She knew, all along(!)—exactly, what was happening.  Sigh

But, what was I supposed to do?  Just all, sit AROUND—and continue to be terrorized by “America’s” anti-Christ situation?  It was either, [1] kill myself—or, [2] stand UP, for what I believe in.  And frankly, now—the rest is, *JUST* hi(s)tory.


Okay!  I’ma go, just do—some 20-degree Dietrich walking.


All my love!