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Reflection from January 24th, 2017 @ Age 35


Just opened up this ‘ere journal, to this ‘ere very page (i.e. the one just after the last page upon which I’d written yesterday)—and tucked into the spine, I found this fortune, which I’d dated August 2015:

Poverty is no disgrace.

Sigh.  Ain’t that the truth—or, is it?  And, poverty in what sense?  Financial, spiritual, etc. etc.?  Lol, just whatever sense the fortune’s reader happens to think is applicable—I guess.  Sigh…

And really, just generally speaking—that is the whole problem with “communication,” (at the very least) today.  And, it is very frustrating!  Err, I suppose, it is at the very least, for me—i.e. a human being disgusted by the present state of her nation’s political discourse, who can feel a sensation within her heart right now, at this very moment, as she speaks…

That she is about to slay something, as a consequence of same but of course—and obviously, “her” and “she” being me.  Sigh

Well, in any case, manger is all mended up.  I’ve got a lump in my throat, but I’m suckin’ on a Ricola throat lozzzenger—and I’m gonna finish painting my nails OPI “Let me Bayou a Drink,” and then sit my beautiful self down and do this reading.

What reading—do you say?  Lol…

What an A-hole, today!




Just, lots’a negative energy coming in today—and I am HENCE, converting away ;oD

Love is patient (breathe in); love is kind (breathe out).

A-hole as in, Parisian Avenger facing the—what’s known as, the BLACK Hole Challenge ;oD

See!  Video game ;oD

What fun!


No, I’m fine.  I am just fine—so fine, in fact, that you can hardly see, my web ;oD


I mean, I mean it!  But all the same, not in the sense of deceit—but rather, in the SENSE of such finely spun quality.


This does feel very “unlike” me, to be so confident—confident even as I sit here, feeling my heart beating, like it just MIGHT beat right out’a me!

Confident.  Autonomous.  And with self-respect—autonomously confident.  In other words, I suppose—fearing NOT the nature of my own independence, bourne out from my (sigh…) LONG-endeavoring search for self-autonomy, self-confidence and self-respect.

Isn’t it interesting, that those three words poured forth from my own mouth—almost constantly it seems, on REPEAT, since the very beginning of this whole journey?

Self-confidence, self-autonomy and self-respect.  Sigh

Although, if your self-confidence is rooted in something external from your own being (i.e. not, autonomous)—then your actions and behavior will be determined by that external THING, which could make self-respect a challenging endeavor, couldn’t it?  Hmm!  I guess it could ;oD

And so, it all does make sense then, doesn’t it?  What *they* say about self-worth coming from within; and I suppose, in light of venturing an alternate path—the danger of those 7 deadly sins coming back, to haunt you in the end.


If you believe—in that sort’a thang




Whew!  P.S. I do feel better.  Off to paint my nails, read 10 “political” articles—and then slay, in my Parisian Avenger video.  Hah ;oD

See!  I told you it was a video-game!


Whoa!  Okay, nails are painted, reading is DONE—and I have to tell you (based off my supremely-messy handwritten notes on the docs), this MAY very well be the saddest, most bittersweetly melancholy, hopeful, uplifting and beautiful thing, I have ever seen.  Lol, I mean…

How that all will translate out into my Parisian Avenger Video Challenge—I do not know.  But, there’s only one way to find out ;0)

I’ll be BACK ;oD

All my love!


Ohh my good Lord, owwwwwww


Ohh my GOD!  I am in pain ;0(

I dunno what’s going on inside my plant system!  It’s like my stomach is RUMBLING, like whatever is going on inside my abdomen—just might kill me!  Right here!  On the SPOT!

Love is patient (breathe in)—love is kind (breathe out).

I don’t even know what “Lamahhhz” is ;oD

And yet, somehow, it does feel absolutely applicable right now.  Owww

Breathe in—love is patient; breathe out—love is kind.  In—and out.  IN—and out.

Ohh my God.  Alright, for better or worse, right?  That’s what I said.  And I’m not about’a break my streak NOW—i.e. now that I’m all the way UP ;oD

All the way UP there—with good ol’ honest Abe.  Abraham Lincoln—good ol’ honest Abe n’ me.  I’ma do this Parisian Avenger Video Challenge, right now—and if it kills me, it kills me.

That bein’ said, however—I think I’ma be *o*Kayyy…

Just gotta do it, and right now, too—‘cause I been up since 6am and I don’t wanna run out’a steam.  Although, lol, that being said—the lack of energy will help melt the anger away, which is a good thing.  Once I peel myself up off’a this couch and go accomplish costuming—I will come back here, sit down, and get started, and it’s gonna be ahhMayzing!  I just—have a feeling ;0)

But, we’ll see!



*A*R*T*I*C*L*E*S* slated for analysis:

THE HILL:  “Trump, GOP set to battle on spending Cuts,” January 23rd, 2017.

THE HILL:  “Spicer: ‘Negative’ Trump Coverage is ‘demoralizing’,” January 23rd, 2017.

THE HILL:  “Republicans defend Trump on media coverage,” January 23rd, 2017.

THE DAILY BEAST:  “Ewan McGregor Calls Out Piers Morgan for His Women’s March Misogyny,” January 24th, 2017.

THE HILL:  “Sales of ‘1984’ surge after Conway talks ‘alternative facts’,” January 24th, 2017.

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THE HILL:  “Limbaugh: Marching women has ‘little temper tantrum’,” January 24th, 2017.

THE HILL:  “Maryland golf club will extend invitation to Obama, despite objections,” January 24th, 2017.

THE HILL:  “Trump vows to cut regulations in meeting with US automakers,” January 24th, 2017.