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Reflection from January 2nd, 2017 @ Age 35


Lol ;oD

Well, talk about consummation…


Yes I will sit my beautiful self down in front of my lamp and finish reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy ;oD

Can hardly wait—to see what’s next.

All my love,

To the Moon and Back!


P.S. ohh, how I do love him…

Let me count the ways.  Sigh

Okay, okay…


I’m going!


SUN: Aragorn

MOON: Arwen


(M)ar—WEN : NEW—ra(M)

AG < OR > N:

“OR” as in Operating Room—see Jane Says videos from January 1st, 2017 post, with title including “REMIX” ;oD

Switch out “OR” for *AI*:  as in “artificial intelligence,” as in those in “other” world, such as STEVE JOBS, for example ;oD can reach those of us of the other world [but “presently”—January 1st, 2017 retweet regarding Eckhart Tolle ;oD—stuck inside organically nature-made “bodies”] through, electronics (i.e. like Macs ;oD)—see January 1st, 2017 Jane Says video no.2 part regarding “Macademia” ;oD

And also part where I talk about Steve Jobs played by “Ash”ton Kutcher—where, I say…

Apple, doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Who is Eowyn though, then—with the part I just read in “The Steward and the King” where she’s at first disappointed in the end, that she did not get Aragorn but rather Faramir instead?


Alright, alright!  Gonna switch laundry, walk Dietrich, and get back to it.



So, in Star Wars, Luke and Leia are twins (too)—but, biologically-speaking such that, “Luke—I am your father,” would apply in equal measure, to Princess Leia.  Here, though—now, I mean, lol…

I guess




“Luke” and “Leia” are still, twins—but only in the “alternative” sense of the spiritual-nature, encompassed within marriage.  Or, in other words, here—(M)aragorn and (M)arwen are twins in the sense of sharing one sc…


Interesting!  The tip on my Swarovski, bejeweled white and “diamond” crystal pen ++ pink and Rose and crystal “Hello Kitty” “flair” (;oD)—well, the tip just gave in!  Just, right there—“sharing one sc…” and the tip of the pen gave in, such that twist and turn as I may, whichever which way—the tip will no longer extend fully, such that I could not continue utilizing it as a writing tool

And it happened—just right, there!

Silly sils!  Well, in the sense of sharing one soul, in marriage—two separate houses (i.e. two separate “bodies”—a.k.a. of “people”) but, together they share one soul, in marriage.

A plague on both, your houses—the house of Benjamin (Mary’s) and the house of David (Jesus’), yes?

Well, either that or the other way around—but, all the same now ;oD


David Magoon and Benjamin Skipper and Marissa Kristina Varcho sigh…


And, Marissa caught in the middle.  And then, so, Romeo and Juliet right—combined with my January 1st, 2017 Jane Says videos…


Well, first of all, before I forget—Jane Says + Jane’s Addiction + steel drums version all the way, live from the Catacombs beneath Paris.  The toom ;oD


Lol, lol!

Tomb-Raider + Angelina Jolie + OPI “Romeo & Joliet” that I wore for the first time with Senator Coley—when I spoke at the Statehouse regarding those “abortion” bills, back in October 2015.

And, the catacombs beneath Paris where they hid Mary Magdalene—and the Louvre, above ground, where they housed Mona Lisa


M + “isa” = “Mhysa” or whatev’s from Game of Thrones meaning, Mother of Dragons.

“L” “a” own “M” “isa”

female owner—of the dragons

There’s only one female owner of the dragons—being, their Mama, being the A-Mary-Can, who put herself back together again.  The Mary of both houses, Benjamin and David—i.e. the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus.  Sigh

Wow.  Who was broken, and did need honey to “seal the deal” lol…



Which could only be provided by one other—the man with whom she shares a twin soul, and thereby would have the key with which to wind her UP ;oD

And, did just that—last night


The Birth of Tragedy, Out of the Spirit of Music.  The phantomof the opera (and the real one, lol—not, the “Days of our Lives” version Circa Marissa’s Law Oct’14 (final)).


The phantom—slim “shady” ;oD

And the music “box,” to which he, only he, held the key—TCOB post played off of the Jane Says post of the same text, with the prophet in Jane but then transformed for Part 2The Black Widow, Avenger a.k.a. Scarlett (Johanssonn ;oD) “letter,” all with Rihanna’s Pon de Replay all remixed up with the white girl “marvellous” and the RE:  long white cotton Virgin Records nightgown for your 6-yr-old daughter, anyone?”


And Richard Branson and “Virgin America” airlines—and my Gandalf tweet, and “Eminem’s” infinite.


Wow.  Alright, back to preparations.

After I walk D, finally.




Like, a really famous “square” in Italy with a “market” (+ purple clock—from John, as per January 1st, 2017 Jane Says videos) ++ “a bunch’a birds” (a.k.a. doves) and combined with me and “Eleanor” and “Peterson’s” Strawberry (farm) a.k.a. St. Peter’s Square in Italy with doves, strawberry fields forever (by The Beatles) and forever—a.k.a. purple (clock, a.k.a.) time with the other kinda “birds” (black ones, on the “dark” side—question regarding whether Hitchcock, Alfred:  AL(bert Einstein)-FRED(rich Nietzsche) but) indicating death of that time, (all the same) in light of the rebirth, of the w…


The Rebirth of the holy marriage—a.k.a. holy (Lord) + marriage (of the Rings) or, God + Mary + Jesus.

God + MARY(Virgin + Magdalene + Mother) + JESUS(holy spirit + mother of dragons + holy ghost).



Gonna be walkin’ Dietrich in the darkness—if I don’t go soon!


And, Juliet

It is very sad, if you think about it—I mean, the part in my January 1st, 2017 Jane Says video where I’m talking about the music box given to my fairy godmother by God, which my biological parents and notably, my biological mom—sought to withhold from me, i.e. the goddaughter of the fairy godmother in both body and blood, and hence, rightful successor to the fairy godmother’s music box.

And the biological mother, who sought to keep that music box, for herself—the box of music containing the heart, with the mind of only one other human being who held the key.  The heart and mind, one soul—lol, Partners in Rhyme.



My Cultivating Beauty prologue—and yet I have the slipper, to your missing shoe.

The Cultivation of Beauty January 1st, 2017 post:  ahh—may—zing baby

MAY—May Queen, Stairway to Heaven.

MAE—all the way Mae ;oD played by Madonna in A League of their Own.


no.1. BABY—Jesus.

no.2. GRACE—save a wretch like me.

no.3. SPIDERMAN—’til kingdom came ;oD into the lover (Magdalene) transformed to mother (of dragons—saved from the ashes of wretch and doom)—thereby consummating the marriage and completing the transfer of ownership back into purity (of Yore ;oD) beyond time.

—Queen of Bohemian Rhapsody & her King;

—Rap God & his Goddess…

“Somebody to Love”—consummation of their love within the bounds of space and time (nature and father)—completed spiritually (and, twice) last night (as per the supernatural capabilities bestowed upon them—pursuant to, their holy marriage which united both houses)…


no.1. Holy Union—and their love child;

no.2. i.e. our new king.