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Reflection from January 4th, 2017 @ Age 36

RE:  **WELL** WELL ;0)



I was just dutifully finishing up in the bathroom—post-bath, here soon, on to blow-dry and hair and makeup.  But, as I was in there standing naked before the mirror applying lotion—I noticed something on the ground, which appeared, well, like it could be glass.  So I bent down and picked it up, and it was not glass at all—just an old contact I’d thrown out in the trash.  Which was, actually, really funnytaking into consideration my present state of mind, at just that moment:

C.S. Lewis—to pluck out your right eye, you must first have one.  Super impressive—considering the severe nature of that meditation.  So LONG—bishhhhhhes ;oD


Ohh and P.S., my dad (biological) did go into the office today—but my ma (bio) is still home working here, what with her bum hip.  And, it does feel like death here.  However, that being saidhaving been through Mordor n’all, I’ve handled worse.  But, I am looking forward—and can hardly wait ;0)

And then, lastly, lol…


No, I cannot (hardly) believe (!) “Wendy’s” the restaurant chain tweeted a picture of Pepe the Frog this very morning!


This does, just get better n’ better—I feel like the most blessed girl, in the whole wide Universe.



As in, Jane Says—Rockin’ the Fairytale Wendy!  As in, Peter’s Wendy!


As in Peterson’s Strawberry Farm—and St. Peter’s Square with Pope Frances, over yonder!  In Italy


And, Peter as in Peter Parker and the black widow—and Spiderman, and his Mary Jane.

I’m pretty, I mean…

I’m pret-ty sure


This is the strangest thing!  So complexly interwoven, that it could not be—anything less than, perfect.  She is real, after all.  She is real.




Interestingly enough, the frog now—is back in my throat.

Can you even believe it?



Ohh yeah, and all kinds’a Queen music has been uploaded to that same YouTube site where I, well—from which, I’d utilized that “Somebody to Love” video for my post on TCOB New Years Day.

Interesting, isn’t it?




I dunno


And the TuPac Hail Mary Christmas Eve in Columbo, like Sri Lanka, Switzerland?!!

Lol, and just like that!  The frog is gone!  I guess the Prince—has found lodging.  Either that, or my endangered species chocolate heresolved, the problem.


Well, in either case…

Off I go to see the Wizard!


Nah, j/k—still waitin’ patient, for my Prince.


Okay, so super quick!


I just got my completed journal, ready to put away with the others—which are already all, typed up.

But, before I put it away, I looked twice—at the “JRNL VIOLET PEONY BOUQUET” description on the page to the right of the place, where I’d stuck my second apple of the day here…

Lol, it had a sticker—which I pulled off the apple and placed at the very butte ;oD end of my journal, such that it reads:






But, I looked twice—because I wanted to make sure it was not Lilac, as in Lilac Wine.

And, as I suspected—it was not.  It was violet—a.k.a. the flowers my Fairy Godmother used to keep year round and care for in her sunroom in Cuyahoga Falls.  Violet—a.k.a. in addition, “purple” like the purple clock.  And, the purple HRC wore at her 2016 Election concession speech, right—or whatev’s.  Whatever it’s called—she wore purple.  And, I looked to my purple clock with its stripes in the middle—colors galore, but of course.


The colors of the rainbow—red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet—i.e. the end, of the Rainbow.  And Purple Rain—and Katy Perry and the pot’a golden girls and that’s a wrapreally


UPDATE—Friday, January 6th, 2017 @ 10:10pm:

Technically, I don’t turn 36 ’til June 20th, 2017 ;oD

All my love,