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Hey!  It’s me ;oD

Alright, so, baaaasically…

I just wanted’a hop on here and let ya‘ll know, what’s UP:

What’s up, is that I’ve been doin’ a sh!t ton’a readin’ since the election—so as to figure out, what-in-the-sam-hill HAPPENED!  Mhmm…

That’s’a what I been doin’ yessiree

And so, I did figure it out ;oD

And, it is GREAT ;oD

However, that being said, it’s one thing to fly solo altogether—but, quite another thing entirely, to come back and figure out now, how to bring all ya’ll with me on the trip, this second time around.

So, the best idea I’ve come up with thus far—is really, to just go through and type up my analyses one-by-one, post-by-post, article-by-article.  Which does, in all honesty, right now—feel like it’s gonna take forever and an ETERNITY to accomplish ;oD

But, as I’ve come to learn, time and again, over the past three years:

  1. It always FEELS impossible—until it’s done; and
  2. Patience is a VIRTUE—no ifs, ands or buts ABOUT it ;oD


LET’S go!

2016 ELECTION ANALYSIS/ARTICLE NO.1:  “GOP senator questions timing of FBI’s Clinton emails review,” The Hill, October 28th, 2016 @ 2:33pm.

“Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) on Friday questioned why the FBI is renewing its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server so close to Election Day, speculating that the agency could have evidence of serious wrongdoing.”

SPECULATING—a.k.a. method of psychological distraction, chosen and actively utilized by Senator John Cornyn to deflect light away, from that which he sought to keep hidden.

“Why is FBI doing this just 11 days before the election?”

CODE—John Cornyn thought the particular timing of this FBI behavior was important.

“Why would FBI reopen Hillary investigation unless there is evidence of more than ‘extreme carelessness’ in handling classified information?”

CODE—this is the only reason John Cornyn could imagine, that would “justify” the strange timing of said FBI behavior (i.e. it never EVEN crossed his mind, for instance, that FBI Director James Comey had been blackmailed by insubordinate FBI agents—who were so super emotionally distraught on or about July 2016, when their SUPERIOR decided not to recommend pressing charges against Hillary Clinton).

“Will FBI ask DOJ to seek convening of a grand jury?”

FUN FACT—this reminded me of that Texas Grand jury convened to examine the *hole* Planned Parenthood video scandal (circa 2015), which decided to let Planned Parenthood off the HOOK after all, convicting the scandalous video-maker instead ;oD

“What does AG Loretta Lynch do if FBI asks to present new evidence to a grand jury?”

AG LORETTA LYNCH—a.k.a. US Attorney General who recommended against FBI Director James Comey’s 2016 FBI election-interference activities (i.e. a *recommendation* that FBI Director James Comey did not heed—which makes total sense if you consider his perspective as the victim within, say, a blackmail situation).

“In a letter sent to lawmakers, FBI Director James Comey said the agency has learned of more emails ‘that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.’”

FUN FACT—the FBI agents who “learned of” these emails, chose not to disclose their existence to FBI Director James Comey until “just” 12-days prior to Election Day (i.e. despite having acquired knowledge of the emails’ existence weeks earlier to said disclosure date—within which time the FBI could easily have obtained a warrant, performed the necessary computer analyses, and thereby determined said emails were not at all pertinent because they were all duplicates—without EVER having had to involve the American public, keeping in mind all the while Senator John Cornyn’s aforementioned emphasis on the FBI’s timing).

“The emails were found ‘in connection with an unrelated case,’” [FBI Director James Comey] wrote, without elaborating further.”

FUN FACT—the email *duplicates* upon which Senator John Cornyn premised his aforementioned, and ultimately baseless line of questioning, were found on a computer located within an “unrelated” FBI case involving Hillary Clinton’s aide’s estranged husband (i.e. a middle-aged, married, white-skinned male politician from New York—who somehow, found himself involved in a sexting scandal with a supposed “underage girl” he met “online,” in a series of unfortunate events which all conveniently transpired in such a fashion that he would be subjected, to an “unrelated” 2016 Election year FBI investigation).

“[FBI Director James] Comey added he could not predict how long it would take the bureau to assess whether the emails are ‘significant.’”

CODE—FBI Director James Comey blackmailed by America’s FBI **Rogue** Division ;oD

“[FBI Director James] Comey concluded in July that Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ with classified information, but he did not recommend pressing charges against her.”

FUN FACT—even THOUGH, Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and FBI Director James Comey is a Republican ;oD

THE END—for now