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Reflection from October 27th, 2016 @ Age 35



Okay, so I’ve been rummaging around the house doing God knows what (!) all day—just chores n’ stuff you know, but, sigh…

All the same…

I’ve just been feeling very irritated with the guy (I’m pretty sure—it’s a guy) who was running the Indian’s Twitter page last night and in one super annoying post, expressed his sentiment of frustration with the utter IMPOSSIBILITY of the Indians coming back from a Cubs-5/Indians-1 game in the 9th inning.  What with the best damn GREATEST pitcher in the entire UNIVERSE and of all time at the pitching mound—for the Cubs.

You know what I mean, though.  Just that whole kinda toxic negativity, combined with a mention to not “@“ him—whatever that means.

Probably for certain, does have nothing to do with me—showing up halfway through the game “liking” old Twitter posts of mine and new ones of others, relating to same.  To the second game at Progressive Field—the second game of the 2016 World Series, within which the Indians have been included!

Anyway, that being said, I did not appreciate that guy’s negativity—and after the game, expressed that sentiment, in a supremely strong, positive and uplifting way.


However, it was still buggin’ me today.  And so I was thinking it over and all wandering about, pondering the thought.  And, well, this is what I came up with:

  1. What I do—IS out of the goodness of my heart;
  2. I’ve already made clear that I am committed—to the Indians (coaches and ballplayers though—that’s it!);
  3. All during that game until I did show up spiritually—via Twitter, I was collecting all KINDS of negative energy (a.k.a. information), with which to convert to positive energy so I could later develop its meaning; and
  4. The Indians weren’t supposed to win last night anyway—so I was performing the procedures hereinbefore mentioned in no.3, which will be so supremely helpful in terms of winning the whole world SERIES!

And yet, there was baby boy on Twitter/Indians handle—bitching about spilt milk in having lost one BATTLE?  And, with the GALL, to imply that the Indian’s loss last night was my fault?  Lol…

Human animals!

Anyway, important part being—whilst I was pondering, the thought occurred to me, that, well…

It occurred to me, that this guy may’ve bet money on the game.  Or the series or whatever—but, all the same!  Can. you. even. BELIEVE that?!!!!!!!

I do indeed, suppose iCAN ;0)

Hah!  But it was just really nice, that somebody(ies) did take the time—to send me that thought.  Because it did make me feel better, and actually—I’m pretty sure, it came from OSU’s football coach Urban Meyer.  And actually too, I’m pretty sure a lot of other people as well.  But it made me think of Coach Meyer and his Bleacher Report interview and how, when he was in the darkness of Florida (hah, go figure!)—well…

How he turned into a coach—who’d forgotten why he’d started coaching in the first place.  And then, he returned to the light—and money lost all its luster, and he remembered how he loved helping mold men up out of boys.

So, anyways—he was included in my post-game commentary last night, and Lebron as well—and I just felt like they saw what had happened too, and were there, to help lift me back up.  And, so then, they did—by transmitting that energy/info telepathically (hah ;oD) to help me understand what had happened.


So anyway, sorry, hadda write Dad a check for Rx copay reimbursement!  After which, I’ll have $10 to my name ’til the 3rd of November—let’s see…ahh that’s just 6 days.  NO big deal ;oD

But, what is a **B*I*G** deal—is that the Indians ballplayers love me, Coach Meyer loves me, King *JAMES* LOVES me!

Whew!  And Marshall Bruce Mathers III does too ;oD

And POTUS and Putin and John Boehner just etc. etc.!!!!!!!


LOTS of work to be done!  So…

I’ma go do it ;oD

All my love,