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Reflection from November 18th, 2016 @ Age 35


Hey.  Just a few reflections, before I get back to business.


First, regarding Marshall Bruce Mathers III (yes, Eminem, the musician)—obviously, I cannot yet tell you why ;oD

However, I very much so am presently receiving the feeling in my heart—that his was the 1/2 story missing to mine, and also then, vice versa likewise.  It does feel like that old “marriage” euphemism(?) (lol, context and spelling!!!) but…

You know what I mean…

As “they” say, in marriage—two souls become one.  And so, that too, is how this feels.  And I do not know for certain whether or not that has any correlation whatsoever to our two respective human bodies—but, in the sense of a human soul, it feels very much so applicable here.  And even then, that being said—it also very much so does feel, that he is a boy spirit and a man soul, and likewise I am a girl spirit and the soul of woman.  And that he is mine—and that I am his.  And, other than noting his re-release last night, of his ‘Infinite‘ on its 20-year anniversary—that is all the more I know thus far, and so, accordingly, moving along forward to my other points if they’ve not already escaped my memory ;oD

Lol, partners in —RHYME— ;0)

I love it!

Okay, moving on…

Alright, let’s see, second—I’m also presently very much so getting the feeling, that when I write something down, regardless of where or by whom it’s been physically seen, I very much so get the feeling that the very act of capturing the spirit…

By way of handwriting, typing, performing on video, all of the above etc. just that kinda thang… ;0)

I think, just the very act of spirit capturing one’s own spirit—it really does feel like everything that flows through that channel of action—thereby becomes thereafter, a part of this collective consciousness shared by all those who’re ;0) enlightened, at either my level, or anyone else who is above it.

And then, it also feels as though all those who’re ;oD a part of this collective conscience—> consciousness—whichev’s as it applies you know (if not both)—it feels like all of those beneath my level of consciousness, have an intuitive awareness of what’s been captured and shared, but no knowledge necessarily, as to what.  And then, that of course assumes, that said humans are even paying attention—to their own intuitions, at all.

What caused that revelation, was my prior activity today—as I sat on the couch reading through all this HRC/FBI garbage.  And, when I say “garbage,” I’m not referring to the articles themselves or the journalists necessarily or any of that sort of thing—I’m simply referring to the difference between plastic versus real.  Man-made plastic reality—versus what’s left (a.k.a. what is real) if anything but of course, at all.  And I would venture to say, there are grains of truth at the very least—hidden in the depths of all this otherwise spiritual-less man-made plastic garbage.

And so, that is my duty, then—to find those grains of truth, and cultivate them.  And so on and so forth, that is what I was doing, earlier today—and in the process, well, wherever I was psychologically, that’s the place from whence ;0) the/my aforementioned insight/revelation came.


And then, lastly, I’ve definitely noticed an interesting thought that keeps coming back on repeat—notably, regarding Amy Schumer and her show on Comedy Central (Inside… ;oD), and as it relates to same, the male chauvinist err I mean—writer ;oD

Who works for her show—in the sense of providing the male chauvinist (!) (sp? ;oD) perspective.

I just keep being reminded of how things blew up with him, right around the exact same time I was going off on Marco Rubio regarding Ryan Lochte’s deplorable ;oD behavior at the 2016 Rio Olympics, as per its reflection on America.  And somewhere, in there, in that emergency response Twitter feed I’d constructed—I utilized Amy’s male friend’s deplorable tweet (albeit, referencing the Goddess—to which I responded but of course, naturally ;oD)—

Anyways, after I did that and of course cc’d Amy Schumer—she came out to the press regarding how much she loves that dude, and how helpful his particular male perspective has been in terms of producing.

In terms of producing a show, which in the absence of this male’s perspective—would not be as well-rounded out, carefully balanced and whole.  Or, in other words, without his perspective—there very well could be blind spots and gaping holes.  I.e. the show’d be less whole.  And that, matters.  That point—is critically important; not just in terms of producing ‘Inside Amy Schumer’—but equally as important, in terms of producing The United States of America.  And so, to Amy Schumer and her lovable male chauvinist comedian writer friend—I am now, so forever grateful.  That is a key, there—but prolly, the most important one I’ve found yet in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.