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Reflection from April 6th, 2016 @ Age 34


My body literally feels like she’s about to kill something.  Which is interesting—because I am about’a slay an idea via Twitter (lol…;0) but still!  What a strange feeling!  I wonder if this is how hunters feel just before they kill an animal, but after they know it’s for surely a-done-deal.  Honestly, I’m inclined to say I don’t like it—because that is what it reminds me of.  Ahh well.  Just gotta sit through it and feel it out.

Anyways, off to read more Lord of the Rings now.  Consuming the creations of fellow greats—as always—has a very calming effect; in addition though, I’m on the Treebeard chapter of vol.2 and it’s very interesting.  The elves and the ents—there was a section I think, where the ent is describing the differences between men, elves and ents and it felt extremely applicable.  And I can see all these references to Led Zeppelin songs and I wonder if and when I’ll find the lady from Ramble On.  I suspect that I will and that I will shortly—sooner than later and all of that.  What meaning it will hold—I do not yet know; I know only that it will matter to me—for significant reasons that remain to be seen.

So off I go…

We shall see.


This is really quite frankly, the strangest feeling I think I’ve ever had in my entire life!  This and the last!

The “slaying” feeling has mostly passed, err well, faded in any case, to the backburner—if that’s the right phrase (which I think it is not—but close enough and on to the next thought).

It does feel like a storm is coming—but a good one you know.  Like the kind of storm where those who’ve been faithful to the right things (i.e. the things associated therewith—and of its making, I suppose) will be A-okay, better than good…

Great, even, you could say.

And then, as for the rest, it’s hard to say—of course, other than what is meant to be shall be and otherwise, be that as it may.

Anyways, these “Panama Papers” just came out leaking info regarding corrupt political leaders or some such and the other you know—but it was curious because a screenshot of their website I think it was, that was included in the HuffPostPolitics article online, showed a header reading, “A Storm Is Coming.”  And then there’s Beyonce’s “Formation” video with the references to Katrina you know—and there’s my long standing iPad wallpaper from Moulin Rouge (with Nicole Kidman at age 33 as Satine) reading:  “A Bohemian Storm is Brewing” and also, well…

The “Panama” Papers—just curious in the sense that it reminds me of the Jane Says post I did way back when regarding if America froze your heart—it’s safe to melt it now, with the cover photo for the post I think, reading “Welcome to Wonderland” and then that Panama Wedding song—All Of The People…

It’s pretty interesting, huh?  ;0)