Reflection from May 12th, 2015 @ Age 33


I’m not in a particularly good mood today.  Err…by “good” I suppose really, I mean—light-hearted mood, today ;o(


That warfare yesterday on Twitter really was frightening—for me.  I mean, my Dad took Dietrich for a walk in the midst and I shut the garage door and locked all the doors and felt physically-unsafe-kinda-frightening.  Like, flashbacks to my past-life kinda frightening.  Talk about T.E.R.R.O.R. ;0/

So anyways, in the meantime, I performed SUPERBLY ;0)

Just w(h)it-ty as ever, you know?!!  Lol ;0)

Girl?  Please!

Hah!  And, I got the opportunity—with that one too, ta show off for my LOVER-BOY ;0)

So that was fun, at the very least (full well knowing, it’s an illusion because here—the “very least” is actually ***all you could ever ask for and so m.u.c.h. MORE*** ;0)


That was that and it passed, as all storms do, which we come to live through.  And here I am with wet hair all wrapped up in curlers and a silk scarf!  Wondering if Senator Coley (I know!!!) even—remembers me like, at ALL ;o/

Sigh.  Or, I suppose rather more realistically (hah ;0) and to the P.O.I.N.T.

Y-point ;0(

Whether he still cares, sigh.  It’s such a challenge staying relevant, as a great artist.  Lol…

All my love, hah ;0)

PS—off I go to work on meshing together Dream Book No.2.  We’ll see if it lifts my spirits.  Always has in the past, so I’m not too concerned ;0)