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Reflection from August 28th, 2016 @ Age 35


Hi.  I had a dream about Alex Voltz last night.  Interesting, huh?  ;oD

Yeah, tell me about it!  ;oD

*o*Kayyy, I will!  ;oD


Goofy!  Nah, I’m just kiddin’ though—except that, I really did have a dream about him last night.  It was just he and I—and we were at his apartment in California and it was huge and reminded me of Bobby’s kinda, when I went to visit him in Indianapolis that one horrible time whilst I was still living out my first life in this ol’ bod (i.e. the nightmare—before I awoke!).  But anyways, yeah…

It was ritzy kinda like that, but much more green and earthy.  Although, still in the City of Angels (lol ;oD) and I just remember all this green and white, and lush green through the windows just outside, and he drove a Prius (lol, he did!  Of all things!) and that was kinda it—other than he and I, and his jet black hair stood out, and it kind of felt like his mother had come back to life just for a moment inside of my body—and so I was there with them, as they said their goodbyes and he prepared to get married.  His mama—Nadine; also, with the jet black hair—and also an artist.

Anyway, I woke up and felt in love with life, and like I was in the most amazing mood—I’ve ever experienced thus far, in both of my two lives!  I wish I could do it justice—although, I have a feeling it will come in good time ;0)

But, speaking of feelings!

So, I woke up at like, 3am with that mood, all over my body—and obviously, couldn’t therefore fall back to sleep.  So, I got up and started some ironing.  Then walked the dog, came back, and more ironing.  And, whilst nearing the end of that second stretch—whilst ironing my hunter-green, free-people, pirate-girl-esque skirt, well…

The thought “nobel prize” came to me.  I don’t know why, but I sat there pondering the idea the whole while I was ironing this skirt.  And, this skirt is below the knee in the back, to the knee in the front, heavy on fabric, and with weird placed pockets you know, in the front—“weird” i.e. took special, extra time to do all that ironing.  Prolly 45 minutes I spent ironing and mulling the “random” thought over.  And honestly, in light of my past two videos on Jane Says, I really could see how someone, somewhere out in the Universe (although likely too, here on Earth ;oD) was too, thinking that thought—which’s where, when it popped into my mind, well…

Whomever it was, I betcha that’s where my thought then originated.  Like, “I’m gonna nominate her,” and, “I bet she won’t even see this coming,” lol ;oD  Stuff like that!  Interesting, huh?  I love my life!  It is —>the<— best!

Ohh yeah, and P.S. I sent Senator Coley a new email also, at like 3:30am.  A super funny one!  Lol, and I’ll tell you more later ‘cause my hand hurts!

All my love…