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Hi guys,

Well, America’s presidential election is well underway, moving slowly but surely towards fruition—as is my first policy paper ;0)  Exciting!!

But, I did take a moment yesterday to record some reflections I’ve been experiencing this present month of October 2016—a.k.a. my 3-year mental-health legislative-advocacy adventure anniversary date.  Also exciting ;oD

So, generally speaking, I get into a lit-tle discussion about how people used to use the concept of “serious mental illness” against me—and yet, now that I own my Bipolar-I human condition, how it’s very much so turned into a blessing.  And then, I find out, this is not going to be a short video ;0)

So, I split the video in two, and the following three points spilled out:

No.1.  The manner in which our media outlets portray issues such as “serious mental illness,” significantly impacts how consumers think about those issues;

No.2.  My ability to overcome the negative stereotypes cast against me in the past, by media establishments—took root in, and was possible because of the foundation laid by Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and other fellow Americans; and

No.3.  My experience is universally applicable to all other humans, who know what it means to be excluded and ridiculed by others for being different.

And, that last point there, is actually a super BFD—lastly noting, that all of the juice has been extracted to bring you this summary ;0P

To the Moon & Back,

All of my love,