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Reflection from September 2nd, 2016 @ Age 35


I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life.

I woke up this morning, from the nightmare that was college.  And all of the people that helped make that nightmare come true, when I awoke—they too, vanished.  It was the best feeling ;0)

Speaking of best feelings, lol…

I can sense Anastasia’s fuming frustration—over finding out, she’s been had.  Had by whom, who knows!  And more importantly, who cares?  Not I…

So anyways, I’ve just been working on finishing the clean-up in my living space—from that extensive “switch up” I began, I think, last spring!  The air is cooling down outside, which’s been fabulous—feelin’ like I can breathe again!  And I went through and organized my Policy Paper No.1 materials this morning too.  All I can say, is—I pity the FOOL ;oD


I have to tell you, some of the feelings I’m experiencing right now almost—seem borderline, obscene!  Let’s see though, obviously—not obscene in the “traditional” sense of the word at all, but…

Something akin, to it…

I guess, just things that I’ve never felt before—ohhhhhhh…

Hmm!  Well, maybe—what it’d felt like, had I “waited till I found the right guy” before I’d hopped in the sack ;oD  Kinda like that!

As we all well know, I opted for the “get it over with ASAP” method—and in all honesty, I can’t say it was entirely without merit.  But that’s just cause I made it out alive—and am sitting here now, writing to you about it from the other side.  But, I think that works!

The ol’ “what it would’ve felt like, had I waited till the *RIGHT* moment to have sex” kinda emotional experience.  I mean though, honest to God—as particular as I am, I’d prolly still be waiting!!!  So, there you go!  It all, makes perfect sense!

And here I am—a *REBORN* virgin ;oD

What are the chances?!!!!!!!