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Reflection from August 23rd, 2015 @ Age 34


Today’s been an extremely *interesting* day.  First, I awoke at approximately 6am to recall my sleeping {a.k.a. subconscious} dream ;0)

Basically, Amy Schumer was havin’ a party at her house and she greeted me and I walked in and felt totally uncomfortable—like the “old” me {a.k.a. past life} except I think, perhaps only because of the outsider/fear of people/fear of crowds/fear of parties lol, *that* sort of thing {a.k.a. *NOT,* fear of my self!} and so then…

She had to go talk to the staff and finish getting everything ready, and so I found myself kind of loitering by my self, up against a wall—as people, the other guests ;o) began to arrive and filter in.  And I started feeling a lot overwhelmed; anxious you know, and *then,* Marshall Bruce Mathers III walks in—and there were two of him, and they both wandered over straight to me in my direction you know.  And then before I knew it, there they stood with me—and God, I hadn’t felt that feeling {!} since Dave and my {a.k.a. our} beginning.  It was the most amazing, terrifying, just all out —phenomenal— experience, and I was so awe-struck and so H.A.P.P.Y. and then, I awoke.


It, was, —AMAZING— ;0)

And so then fast-forward to this evening, and I’m sitting there out in the loft on the couch before my S.A.D. light n’all {for energy}, packin’ up Grandma Varcho’s dishes and I —totally— R.E.A.L.I.Z.E.D. that the Senate God (lol) GOP legislators aren’t mad at me at ALL!  Their caucus —communications— people are!  Y.e.a.h.!

I had no idea!  But then, I suppose in all my mental wandering I put together what —BRADLEY— told me last Friday lol…

That the @OhioSenateGOP Twitter “handle” is, *handled* by the “caucus” which upon request, he explained, basically means, the legislators’ communications people.  Yeah!  I’d bet you A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. they’re pissed about my comment to the *legislators* lol…

Sayin’, “I dunno why you guys are always makin’ yourselves look like total A-holes” once I helped them understand—they should’a just called this 20-week abortion bill, “concerned as to why women are having abortions > 5-months into pregnancy” bill ;0)

Lol.  After that —WHOLE— big post on Jane Says last week about their behavior “tending” toward systematic discrimination.  All of this!  Because these communications people didn’t like that I have some *better* communications ideas ;0)

So, I guess it’ll be interesting to see what they say—in describing for me, their problematic E.G.O. ;0)

Lol, so, what a day!  And then I read in a *Hill* article some email comment from Claire or Carly or whatever Fiorina’s campaign manager, made to whomever—where she said, “[so and so] are *still* blah blah blah” ;o)

They can —HEAR— me!  Gahhhhhh!


I think the most interesting part about where the Ohio Senate Majority Caucus Communications people tripped up, is that in that comment—I was actually paying the Ohio Senate GOP *Members,* a compliment.  Lol ;0)

What a day!

All my lovin’!