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Reflection from August 18th, 2016 @ Age 35


I almost started crying in the car with dad on the way over here to Easton.  I’m at Starbucks now, just ‘bout a head over to my psychiatrist’s office—but, I wanted to stop and tell you why.

On the way here, in the car—it was the first time since, I think it happened, that I remembered clearly what it felt like right before the fall.  My fall—from grace, you know.  I mean, I think it was just an ongoing—a long, long and ongoing process; but, I mean—the tipping point.  I mean the point at which I went under.  Lol, my “sweet” sixteen…

I still, sometimes, can hardly believe I made it out alive.  What a relief!  To, hah…

To be able to say now—it was, all WORTH it.  It’s in the air, it’s in my blood ;0)

When it drops, oooooooh!

Just imagine, just imagine, JUST imaaaaaaagine!

Just dancin’ ;oD