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Hi Guys!

So, here’s my newest video ;oD

It’s a lit-tle slow moving, but only ’cause I had some phone calls to make—and to be entirely honest, sometimes movin’ slow ain’t the worst thing in any case.

That being said, but of course—here’s what goes down, this time around:

1.  I contact an attorney who happened to notice I got sued by Bank of America a few weeks back—and he helps to confirm my theory regarding their nonsensical lawsuit position in terms of suing me in the first place;

2.  Then, I contact Bank of America’s lawyer and he helps to confirm my theory that his client is not trying to harass a disabled person but rather—simply moving very slow in terms of understanding whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish; and

3.  Lastly, I begin elaborating upon prior observations regarding my experiences inside the creative “zone”—noting the impact of same upon my level of consciousness during “waking” states today, as well as the manner in which past psychological abuse and emotional trauma still effect my current thought processes.

Sigh.  Tomorrow is President Obama’s birthday!  Ohh yeah…

4.  And officially last, almost forgot—I be talking ’bout why the wonder of light is such a God-blessed, amazing thing ;0)

Tomorrow will be better than today.  The End!

All my loving,