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Yo guys,

What’s up?  Not too much here.  I got sued today, but I’m a lawyer—so it’s *o*Kayyy ;0)

Really though, I’ll admit—I wasn’t actually expecting it.  Err, well, not today anyway.  But all the same, I captured my response—just to be safe.

In a nutshell, this isn’t the first time I’ve been sued before—but it is the second; and notably, very different—given the difference between my mental state in January 2013 vs. my mental state at present.  Specifically, my serious mental health practice has become extraordinarily consistent, and as for my psychological resiliency—never been better.  I mean it!

See for yourself if you don’t believe me—noting the following exhibits in this video, particularly:

  1. Delightful irony between being an attorney—and, having to represent myself “pro se”;
  2. Compassionate sense of self—in understanding that sometimes, circumstances change; and remembering that what matters—is my ability to adapt to changing circumstance;
  3. Unwavering commitment towards counting my blessings (i.e. keepin’ those blessings, blessings—with fiery persistence); and
  4. Balancing of great depth—with equal and opposing spiritual height.

And then otherwise, I ramble on a bit about learning how to be an attorney by being my own attorney, what it feels like to be a philosopher (a.k.a. lover, of knowledge ;0) and lastly, the delivery status to-date of mental health policy paper no.1—regarding the impact of the creative process on my serious mental health practice as it relates to being in the “zone.”

And I tell you why I love you.

The End ;oD

Be back soon!