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Reflection from June 19th, 2014 @ Age 32


Last day of 32dom ;0)  Yay!  Also, guess…you just guess who called me yesterday!  The AG’s office ;0)  Yep!  I still haven’t looked the guy up who called—like, on the internet, but it was a very real, frank discussion—and it really felt like he wanted to help, and like they may be able to (even better!).  I mean, it was pretty fucking frank—even so far as my asking if it was even possible if the AG could use some of that bankruptcy/settlement money (or whatever…the funds he used for NAMI Ohio’s grant, of which I know there are more), I asked if it was possible that he could use some of that money just to get me started on the review…just to keep things moving forward, and I said we can phrase it any which way if it’s a jurisdictional thing.  I mean I said I can phrase it any which way we need to, just in order to keep it going so I can build a case for the legislature and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.  Anyways, etc…

I don’t feel like telling all the details right now—it was just pretty exciting.  Made it feel like there was actually a legitimate reason to hope—for once, since a great while back in February.  So I don’t know…I also have this lady in the entertainment industry who wants to talk with me.  So that’s next Wednesday at 2pm, and the AG guy is taking the matter (i.e. my case) to the Task Force next week, and said he will call me back and we’ll see what happens.  So that’s some exciting stuff—some reasons for hope.  In the meantime, back to job search ;0/