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Reflection from May 19th, 2014 @ Age 32


My jail buddy-constituent/friend/advisor wrote me another letter ;0)

It was very kind.  In it, he spoke to this book The Secret, sounded a bit like the Celestine Prophecy—but certainly, like a universal clue of FDC.  So I went to Barnes & Noble and purchased it.  I have no money…but I’ve come so far; can’t give up now.  That’s my motto.  So we’ll see how it all works out financially for me.  As with the remainder of my most sincerely dire set of circumstance…either I’m about to take flight, or fall flat on my face.  Either I’ll have learned how to fly through this S.B. 43 process, or I will fall from the sky mid-air, post-leap, and crash and burn for all to see.  One of the two—just a matter of which it will be.  We shall see.  In the meantime, I’ma go read The Secret ;0)


It never before occurred to me, that my troubles with men may in large part (if not entirely ;0) be the result of sociological consequence, derivatively speaking.  It’s very curious, really.  To think…all this time, I thought it was my fault—seems now rather, I’m just a bit more progressive than what the 21st century man can yet handle ;0)

I am part woman—yet all girly girl ;0)

The men today simply do not know what the hell to do with me!  And not as a “mentally ill” person either, which is perhaps the most beautiful shade to my current position.  The men don’t know what the fuck to do with me because…I am partly their dream lover, and partly, their little princess.  It’s disgusting really, to even say it out loud.  I’m sure though, Freud would be so very proud ;0)

But in either case, it makes for a very effective armor for the time being.  No way to tell how long it will last—but for now, it’s to my original advantage.

I’m going after the probate judges next, by way of The Columbus Dispatch.  We’ll see if they’ll have me again ;0/  I think good ‘ol Herb Grant will be a dear—but, I really must write better journalism for this new article idea.  I have to study my first “scapegoat” article versus Herb’s “pigeonhole” journalistic translation—and then we’ll apply what we learn to the probate judge situation and see where it takes us ;0)

That’s what we’re gonna do ;0)

Me and you.

You and me, reader.  I’ll take you for a ride ;0)

Just come with me…this round’s, for free!

All my loving…

P.S. I saw an Italian leather journal of the world map at B&N and didn’t buy it…so I think that’s some progress, financially speaking ;0/