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Hi!  How are you?  I’ve missed you so!

So, so much, that I finally sat my a$$ down and made you this video:

Yep, I did just that!  Just talking ‘bout what I’ve been up to as of late—working through that People vs. O.J. Simpson FX Series post-viewing trauma, putting book no.2 down momentarily so as to gear back up on the mental-health legislative advocacy front, and the activities I’ve been engaging myself within simultaneously—to keep my sanity intact ;0)

And then last, but not least (so far as I can remember!), I talk a little bit about what it means to be a woman who is turning (the dreaded) 35—and why it is, in my particular case, that being “high risk” has become such a glorious thing ;0P

To the Moon and Back,

All My Love,