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Reflection from April 13th, 2014 @ Age 32


I have to go to bed here very soon, but I wanted to record this quick thought.  It keeps circulating through my thought patterns—so I know it must be very important.

There’s this commercial that they show on t.v. around Christmastime—it’s an M&M’s chocolate candies commercial.  It’s like, there’s M&M men and Santa Claus in the same shot on the screen or something, and simultaneously (or just after one another) the M&M’s exclaim, “he really is real!” all the while Santa is in shock saying too, “they really are real.”  It’s kind of like that; with Senators Coley and Burke and then me—our little crowd of three.  That’s kind of exactly what it feels like.

It feels like they are looking at me and seeing the beautifully artistic, brilliantly creative, “seriously mentally ill” mind only shown from rare time to time in the movies; and all the while, I’m now watching these two state senators, politicians, who really do care.  I can tell you—it’s the most bizarre phenomenon I’ve ever experienced in my life thus far!  But also too—one of the absolute most greatest.  I love that they’re both republicans from way back—it wouldn’t be as great if they weren’t.  I’m still in awe really, but in love all the same.  I never really thought I’d meet another human being outside my family and (now very) tight-knit group of close friends who would care about me.  I love being surprised like this—it’s the kind of surprise of the best kind; i.e. the kind only made possible through an open mind.  I love when the Universe rewards me for my hard work ;0)  It’s the best!