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Hi guys!

Well, I’m feeling pretty low energy today, to be entirely honest..

But I wanted to share with you my latest video, which kind of explains why I’m so dang’on tired today ;0)

So anyways, basically, this is the beginning of the end..

The end of this current storyline, which will then lead to another new storyline beginning again!

That being said, this video showcases my phone call with Congressman Timothy Murphy’s office in Washington D.C. last Thursday afternoon, wherein I attempt to communicate my initial inquiries into Congressman Murphy’s pending mental health reform legislation, and then eventually realize it would be much easier to just get it all out in writing.  So then, that’s what I did here, which I emailed over to their office on Friday for processing.

And now I’m exhausted; which leads me to foresee in my near future some intensive physical endurance exercise as well as some extensive strength training ;0)

So, I’m gonna go get on top of that, but in the meantime, I hope you all have a great weekend!