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Oh my God!!

Yo I’ve missed you!!  So…

Here’s my newest video wherein I’m talking ‘bout what it’s like to be bipolar—in the sense of having been born with the curse/blessing of a built-in conscience:  think Lady Angel on the left shoulder, and good ‘ol Mister Devil on the right ;0)

And then, as it relates to same, I also get into some of the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced in my life, which’ve helped me learn how to manage that ethical burden and ultimately, turn the curse of having an inexorable conscience—into a blessing ;0)

Oooh, and then I get into the present status of my serious mental health practice, which entails my now-evolving, repetitive and self-reinforcing upward psychological healing spiral; and whew, after that, I touch briefly upon the upcoming procedure particulars as they relate to my work on the federal level in terms of writing America’s mental health reform policy.

And then lastly here, I give a shout out to my buddy, the one and only, Paul Ryan—Congressman from America’s Great State of Wisconsin, and Speaker of America’s House of Representatives.  He’s been such a dear opponent—the best, really; I couldn’t have hoped for a better adversary had I chosen him myself ;0)

Nuthin‘ quite like a pair of universal inverse opposites working together…

With energy like that—anything, is possible ;0)