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Hi guys!!

What’s up?!!

Okay so, here’s my newest video, ‘cept it’s actually one thought split into two, because as you can see here in this first attempt, I was having a lit-tle trouble hacking through the firewall of my sociologically-imposed ego-software:

But **then** as you can see, I did it!  I hacked my merry way through that software—which notably now is soft, seeing as how 13 months ago I survived my psychological recalibration (a.k.a. **enlightenment** ;0) which thereby removed, the labyrinth of scar-tissue in my mind caused by the emotional burns this society imposed upon me, in its little effort to ego-map my brain.  I know, it’s a little complicated, but I explain the whole thing—just get it ALL out, right *here*:

And then in closing, I’d like to note, that in saying “I removed the labyrinth” I mean *eye*, and by “eye” I mean *aye-aye* Universe—all ***ABOARD*** ;oD

I’m just kidding guys—I mean I’m totally serious on the intellectual points, but otherwise, I’m just super excited!!

All my love during this most fabulous Christmastime,


Marissa Kristina Varcho