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Reflection from September 3rd, 2008 @ Age 27


You know it’s just as well things didn’t work out between Bobby and I because I’d be willing to bet you any amount of money he’s a Republican.  And I’ll tell you one thing, right now—I hate Republicans.  They’re a bunch of snooty assholes with money who of course, think everyone else should have to fend for themselves because they don’t need any help after all, so why should anyone else?  Either that or they’re without money but just too stupid to realize that they’re actually acting outside of their own best-interests.  I hate the Republicans.  I’m not saying I always will, and really I’m not saying I hate them all either.  I’m just saying I hate the ones that don’t have to struggle and since they don’t have to struggle, they don’t believe they should have to help out anyone who does struggle because it’s just plain and fair not their problem.  Typical Republican assholes.  I hate their ideology is what I hate.  What the fuck does Bush think he’s doing spending a gazillion trillion dollars a day helping out foreign countries that don’t even want our help and at the same time cutting taxes?  Who the fuck does he think is going to pay for this “war”?  How is that in any way responsible decision-making?  It’s so elementary and yet the concepts evade these god-forsaken assholes.

Can you tell it’s high time for the Republican National Convention?  I hate these assholes who think nothing’s wrong with our country when even the middle class can’t afford health-care or their medications and can’t find full-time employment.  Everything is just fine for them—so it should be fine for everyone else too.  Bunch of assholes.

Can’t you see how my being open-minded by watching the Republicans go backfiring on me?  It’s just as well; I haven’t been able to listen to our President of the United States for the last eight years because every sentence that comes out of that man’s mouth infuriates me.  It’s just the fact that they think everything is A-okay when people just like me and those worse off are struggling like hell just to make it through day to day; that’s what completely infuriates me.  I’m one of the ones struggling so you’re goddamn right I’m infuriated.  Okay, anyways, off to watch the Sarah Palin biottchhh!

Okay I have to go, but one last thing before I do.  It’s just the fact that the Republicans—the people with the most money and time on their hands, the ones who are most able to help and give back to others, the fact that they happen also to be the ones who are least likely to help and give back to others just rubs me the wrong goddamn way.  If you can’t see why then you must be one of them and I’m sure my theories are way beyond you anyways.  They’re elementary and yet they evade these people.  It’s so simple, yet they make it so complex until they obliterate all meaning from the start.  It just figures.  I’d like to meet a Republican I actually like.  I think that might help restore my faith in this humanity.


Seriously, if all they want to do is cut taxes and continue spending gobs of money, how is this responsible leadership?  Well anyways, either way you look at it, I’m not waiting up to hear this bitch talk.  It’ll have to wait till tomorrow.  Then I’ll look straight into the eyes of the evil and see how big a fight we actually have on our hands here.