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Hi guys!

Well, **hereinbefore** you ;0)

Is my newest video!

Inside of said video, I get on talkin’ ’bout JFK’s nephew who appears, to be riding into the picture to save the day ;0)

And **then** I provide some constructive criticism for Congressman Timothy Murphy of Pennsylvania, who’s just now learning that in order to “help” people, you have to **listen** to those people (not to worry though-> this is superb, pro-gress! ;0)-

After that, I talk about the legislative process surrounding Ohio’s House Bill 135, my opponents and how I beat their ass ;0P and then upcoming procedure regarding same..

And at long last, I talk about the apparent absurdity of Ohio’s impending Senate Bill 214, the maneuvering by which it ended up in Chairman McDreamy’s Ohio Senate Government Oversight & Ethical Reform Committee ;0)

And finally, my plan of attack for remaining focused amidst said dreaminess.

I’m going to walk Dietrich now ;0)

All my love!