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Reflection from October 22nd, 2012 @ Age 31


It’s so funny how the good part of Adam—that 1/7th of him that was worthwhile, wanted I think very sincerely, to save me.  And then how the evil 6/7th of him at the very same time wished to destroy me.  I know that 1/7th because it came out with the word “abuse”, the first time, and he told me that I was entitled to ½ his brokerage account too.  That was him there, that 1/7th wanting to help me.  It’s just such a goddamned shame he has no control over himself.  He has that good, and yet his family has fucked him up so supremely, that at this point and forevermore, I don’t think that good will ever again be found.  It’s a crying shame, but I suppose better him than I.  He wanted to crush this spirit and I’ll tell you, damn near did me in.  But I’ve got the good on my side, the supportive family, and real friends.  And lest we forget my David—who’s looking out for me from above.  This asshole may cause me frustration but he’ll be the living dead in the end.

All, otherwise, that’s left to be said—is that I won’t do that again.

Oh…and also, his evil is now documented in writing ;0)


It’s so funny how Adam always thought I was better when I was taking care of him and worse off when I didn’t have that focus anymore.  Because I now realize it was only when he was in vulnerable states (i.e. when I had to take care of him) that he was ever really kind to me at all.  What a moron.  I hope it burns him hard in the hell on earth he’ll be living in till the next one when he dies.  Err…if I wished that kind of thing.