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Reflection from July 8th, 2008 @ Age 27


Well hot damn…today’s turned out to be one helluva good fucking day!  Let me tell you, I finally finished up working on that icky litigation crap at work, I wore my favorite suit to work and got compliments and felt like the sexiest damn lawyer-to-be in the whole wide world, I came home and was actually hungry and had a burger with the rents, then I watched four count ‘em four episodes of Weeds, the new episodes, and I got an email from Bobby saying he’s coming to town on a weekend that works for me, and that he’s going golfing with Tony on Sunday but’s gonna spend the rest of the whole weekend together with me.  He said that, “together with you.”  It was sweet.  Did I tell you he sent me a text message on the fourth saying happy fourth and miss you?  I hate that I go absolutely gaga when he does shit like this.  But then I absofuckinglutely love it too.  It’s the kind of stuff that will later make me feel like a fool I tell you, like a fool!  But in the moment it sure fucking feels good.  I didn’t even have to wait a whole week to hear from him.  Only a few days I think.  Anyways, my hair and makeup looked gorgeous today too…only adding to the natural beauty that is me!  Ohh what a day!  I wish I had more like these days and I’d be a happy camper for sure.  What a pleasant surprise!