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Hi guys,

Well, here’s my next video which is also from yesterday, still talkin’ ’bout the abortion equation hah ;0)  It’s gonna be awhile ;0P

But, the good news is, the beginning is always messy, and the ending, beautiful ;0)

So, that’s the good news.  I guess..

Anyways, here’s the video ->

Wherein I’m talking about the difference between morals and ethics, and how, since morals are derived from ethics (ethics being so super way more complicated, that is), how it’s come into being that sometimes people get confused by morals and we have to revert back (or potentially in this case I suppose, forward) to ethics to solve the issue.

Anyways, it’s all still rather complex-sounding, being ethics all up swarming around in my head which I’m now in the process of translating down into updated sociological morals.  See, it’s complicated ;0/

But not to worry, we’ll get there, and we’ll solve it, and then we’ll never have to listen to anyone bitch about abortion again.  It’s gonna be so great ;0)

In the meantime though, just wanted to thank all of my wonderful readers (you!!) for stickin’ with me through this sticky process!  If you have any questions at all too, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Feedback is always super helpful in strengthening the argument (assuming it’s constructive, but don’t worry -> if you’re not being mean, then it’ll automatically be constructive enough, which is just what we need ;0)-

All my love,

Marissa Kristina