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Reflection from March 12th, 2002 @ Age 20


Well I called Danny and he made me feel absolutely wonderful about everything.  I love that boy!  He wants to go to Cleveland together to the art museum there.  Could he be any more wonderful?  And I called Jes today and she is leaving on Thursday for her big six week Europe trip!  It’s very exciting.  I’m so glad she’s there because she seems to be having a ball.  As for me…I cannot seem to get the damn temperature right in this house!  Too hot…too cold…too hot…too cold!  It’s drivin’ me freakin’ insane!  Mom and I had a good talk this morning about future plans and religion and philosophy.  God is she a great talker!  She’s the best! 

I feel so lucky to have the greatest family and the greatest friends and even the greatest boyfriend at the moment too!  And it’s just beyond wonderful to have dreams again!  I’m still desperately wanting to go to law school and most definitely I’m going south right away now too.  I mean Boston would be great but I’d take sun, warm weather and flip flops year long any day over any city!  I have a feeling the south is where I belong, I think I will love it there, and I wanna get down there soon because if I do love it as much as I think I will…I want to raise my (big!) family down there too.  So I can have a lit-tle heard of lit-tle southern gentlemen and southern belles running around on our big green plot of land!  Ohh to live is to dream is to live!