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Hi guys!

Well, I’m still working on translating the formal solution to the abortion equation {formal, meaning free of loopholes, A.K.A. bulletproof} but, I staged a lit-tle ballgame in my imagination this afternoon to help me work out the kinks, and thought I’d share the results, which should help you taste the flavor:


You’ll have to excuse me whilst I continue learning how to use my treasure of a German typewriter ;0)  I still can’t find the no.1 button, and that ,/’ key is still tripping me up also!

Otherwise, I just wanted to let you know that the nursery rhyme at play in this video goes a little something like this:

I see China, I see France;

I see Italy’s underpants ;0)


Also, if anyone happens to know the F.B.I., it might prove helpful to relay the message that ethics, unlike morals, cannot be hacked, for the following reason:

Morals, at least in theory, are simplistic derivatives of sound-ethical theory.  The translation process from ethics to morality is what allows for the hacking.  When you revert back to ethics, however (a.k.a. The teachings, of Jesus Christ), the danger of hacking is thus eliminated.

Much Love,

Marissa Kristina Varcho

Ohh and PS -> A great thanks to Bob Blaisdell and Dover Publications, Inc., for preserving the artifacts!