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Reflection from March 20th, 2008 @ Age 26

RE:  Balancing the Adult with the Child.

I’m starting to really dread going to work.  It’s just so boring and I have to make sure’n get so many fucking billable hours in and I just fucking hate it.  Which is good in the sense that it motivates me to keep typing up these old journals for god’s sake, and thankfully I’m up to April 2007 so I have less than a year now to go.  Then the first review/edit will begin.  Cursory editing, more for review, but I’m going to print everything out as I go, compile into chapters (via journals) etc.  I wish I could spend all day doing that and just gathering new material to write about.  That’d be my dream…if I’m allowed to have one anymore in this god awful world.  It feels like, as an adult, dreams are some fluffy concept only for children.  Like Trix are just for kids, dreams are only for children who have yet to find out how awful this world they’ve been brought into really is.