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Hi guys!

Well, I found these three stooges a few weeks ago in the back yard at our house, and the one says danger, the other one has no hieroglyphics but then, this final guy here, the little one that’s green you know, he kinda looks like CP30, or RJD2 or whatever that little guy’s name was in Star Wars.  I’m pretty sure he was a good guy though, and he’s green in this script, which also indicates positive vibes.  So, I’m not sure about these other two.., but the little guy should be okay to carry them until I have time to call the public utility companies and see what the hell these other guys are up to.


PS – Whitney says “hi”, she also says please watch her video on full-screen mode (that’s her preference), and she wanted to let you know she borrowed my costume for this video!!  So.., take that time!!


Hope you are all well and be back with more very soon!!

All my love,