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Hi guys, alright.., so..

I called up my good ol’ U.S. Representative today in response to his office’s return phone call regarding my 1st Congressional Address that occurred earlier this month (and apparently, was so controversial that they’re still pretending they don’t know what in the world I’m talking about…don’t worry, they’re *catching* up, s.l.o.w.l.y. but surely, as further explained below..).

THIS, is what transpired for our record (in the video below I mean, just after I finish working my way via word, —through— the emotional “nerves” that had prior hereintofor, been frightening me OUT from taking noble action, by means of “nervousness” and all):

So that wasn’t super helpful on Congressman Tiberi’s office’s part, @ least not in the short-run; however — since it seems my first telephone call to his office back in Jan’14 did in fact, make a splash (as part of my 1st Congressional Address a.k.a. “oral” testimony proffering mental health for *America’s* Congress by wave of DVD/movie/video, but notably *ALSO*, no splash ’til this month i.e., 9 months after the timing of manifestation in physical fact..) you know, given all that (a.k.a. lightening “travels” faster than thunder as we surely do well, already —know— ;0)

XOXXO—I’m just gonna keep a’hold on #hope for now—OXXOX

In the meantime though, I wanted to help anybody with whom this post (i.e. I, fellow human being) may end up engaging, to work through the mental health “situation” that seems to be unfolding right here, right *now* in the U.S. automobile industry.. (!)

Basically, this is how it’s previously a’ gone down, in hi(s)tory:

So, USA Team Humanity a.k.a. *American* All-Star Advocates — they (!!), basically, found “out” that the U.S. auto “industry” a.k.a. USA Team $$ has been and still yet, is —continuing— to kill *America’s* human beings by means of “defective” airbags i.e., measures that were originally meant for the *safety* of human beings but have now somehow likely due to $$ in every facet of “America’s” case, turned deadly instead..

Yeah, that’s what going on in the n.e.w.s right now!!  And “they” sound *just* like a big ol’ bunch of rowdy bullies would, all in this sorta manner n’so:

GENERAL MOTORS:  Uhh, well, I’m not to blame because I’m a corporation in the U.S. and the real harm was caused by the ‘thing’ itself” .., a.k.a. “ignition switches” as per GM as per The Columbus Dispatch on some *unknown* date because I have not yet “purchased” their Digital D rights or whatever.., but *then* none the less as Eleanor Roosevelt phrases it ;0)

None the less, we seem to have a potential follow up right.., h.e.r.e. —>

GENERAL MOTORS:  Ughh, well, the fact that I, a.k.a. corporation in the U.S. sold deadly machinery to T.H.E. American people is apparently *America’s* peoples’ problem — because I” [it says, the corporation that is..] “I have rights under the U.S. law right now too, and it’s not my fault that the people won’t come out and switch my recalled parts which are causing threat of death to them — because, I have bought out the U.S. government with my $$ a.k.a. by way of lobbyists,” noting *also* the particular piece about lobbyists’ group incorporation under *current* U.S. law.  So that’s interesting and all, but *then* .. ;0)

TOYOTA:  which too, crops up all of a “sudden” yesterday in The Columbus Dispatch news, talkin’ all like “wait, what?  The *American* government is starting to pay attention again, to the fact that $$ can kill humanity by indirect means just like I a.k.a. U.S. corporation am so doing in fact @ our very m.o.s.t. present @ auto industry by name of t.o.y..?”

Yeah, that’s baasically, just what Toyota said!!  But then if you “wait” for it—it gets even *better* for the human beings practicing mental health by means of love and kindness a.k.a. behavin’ all —patient— you know.., in this very meantime..

Cause then “to’day* in, The Columbus Dispatch news @ *present*, we have even more — “CON”structive communication — as it followed via..,


YELLOW = Truth;

GREEN = “America’s” government, catching up to speed with *America’s* people;

PINK = Science, insofar as man has come, by means of space/time a.k.a. by means of measuring things physically; and

@ Long Last, BLUE = “America’s” two senators finally remembering who exactly it *is*, that they’re “working” for..

So, we’re coming along, a’chuggin‘ away you know..

But honestly, isn’t it odd?  How the U.S. “auto” industry has not YET j.u.s.t., offered new cars for the human beings to whom they’ve already served notice of recall for its’ deadly parts and all?  As if, —the people— weren’t already busy enough, trying to —survive— this hell storm known as “America”..

And isn’t it odd *too* how, the U.S. government hasn’t yet j.u.s.t., made it law that the automobile industry shall do so [as per this paragraph here just above, I mean..], despite the desperate pleas of the “industry” that $$ is more important than humanity?

I mean, GIVEN that we *all* now know how simply untrue that particular notion is “any’more* and all..

Somethin’ to think about for, sure..

Gotta long ‘ways to go.., but thankfully, there’s j.u.s.t. nothing elsa.., I’d rather do.


But in all seriousness..

ALL OF my loving “2′U* ..,

Marissa Kristina Varcho