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Hi guys ;0/

I’m pretty concerned about the status of humanity today…

I talk about that a little bit in this video…but mostly I talk about:

  1. Learning how to use Twitter finally — which led to my enlightened mind yesterday, but also this heavy heart ;0(
  2. The differences between the various social media network audiences (i.e. WordPress vs. LinkedIn vs. Facebook vs. Twitter) — which is pretty crucial to know, if you’re writing with a particular audience in mind;
  3. And then my plan to heal the mental illness here in Ohio, then in the United States, and after that, within the world at large…

And then I get real tired and that’s the end of the video ;0)  Sorry…not super high energy today because I recently decreased my “mood stabilizer” meds, which means my emotional range has increased, which has been rather intense and is requiring great attention and that extensive consciousness be paid to the ongoing evolving status, so I can adjust my behaviors accordingly, so as not to get overwhelmed (and thereby shut down) by all of the emotion.  It’s just a process…learning how to digest it all constructively you know.

That being said, along with the extended emotional range has so too also come a great wave of insight and corresponding creative intuition…so that’s pretty exciting.  I got a whole bunch of notes here on new ideas — for Jane Says especially (i.e. new video series for parents explaining what to do if they think their child might be abusing substances and/or be struggling with “mental illness”), so I just have to find some energy here again and then I’ll get straight to work!  And in the meantime, I have to file my “disability” application…can’t forget about that…

Anyways, thanks for reading and watching if you get a sec ;0)  I appreciate all the support and if anyone has any feedback, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout out here in the “comments” section, or shoot me an email at marissavarcho@gmail.com.  Just so you know, any insight you might be willing to share would be greatly appreciated and super helpful.  Helps me to continue improving and to tailor the message I’m working to communicate, in a way that is more helpful and enjoyable and more manageable for you to consume.  So if there’s anything — anything at all — please don’t hesitate to let me know…

Otherwise, hope everyone’s having a pleasant Sunday ;0)