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Reflection from November 15th, 2007 @ Age 26


Here’s one more thing I had to log back on to tell you before this here night and my own thoughts dissipate into darkness…

I know with all my heart tonight, that I don’t have to be famous and I don’t have to be rich and I don’t have to live in a large metropolitan city to make a big difference in this world.  I can make a huge difference to improve the lives of many right here in Columbus, Ohio—if only I can find the courage to venture outside these suburban doors and find people who also too, care to make a difference.

I want to help children get the support they need—mental, emotional, physical, educational—all aspects.  I want to advocate for the rights of those who suffer from mental health issues.  I want to adopt a child later in life.  I want to find my soul mate, and allow myself the time to develop enough to know what my “soul mate” really means.  I want to work and love with other people to make a positive difference in the reality of others and in the reality of my self.  I want to love on a large scale basis and make friends and figure out how to enjoy life.  I do not believe that it is outside my grasp.  I just think the world is terribly large and complex and overwhelming, and it seems to me that more bright an individual you are, the more overwhelming those factors become.  Unless of course you fall into addiction and/or out of consciousness – I’d like to avoid those things if at all possible from now on.

So it looks like I’ve worked hard for so long, but have a long long way yet to go.  But I believe with all my heart in this very moment that the wait will not be in vain, and that in time, my cup too, shall runneth over…