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Hi Guys,

Well, this video from yesterday about the difference between “dreaming big” and “delusions of grandeur” is a bit of a foregone conclusion now, as I found out Ohio Senate Bill 43 has in fact, already been signed by Governor Kasich.  Accordingly, it seems I was, either forgotten, or otherwise uninvited to the bill signing.  Bummer.

Anyways, I did hear from the Attorney General’s Office today!  So that was very exciting – I don’t know if they’ll be able to help yet, but the gentleman with whom I spoke said he would take the matter to the Task Force next week and see what they all have to say.  So I don’t know…I hate to get all excited at this point, because I’m always doing that, and then always correspondingly getting my heart broken!  But I guess I shouldn’t say always…that’s not exactly true.  So what the hell… ;0)

Yayyyyyyyy!!!  Exciting day!

So anyways, today, from a financial standpoint, I sure as hell am lookin’ like a big failure…but I don’t know ;0)  Here’s to hopin’ for more…

C’mon Attorney General’s Office!!!!!!!

Xoxxo ;0)