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Hi Guys,

I don’t know really know what the above quote means ;0)  I just like that it’s purple and Alby Einstein…you know

So, I made this video and it’s about two things, namely:

  1. The art of making videos ;0)  It‘s true – it gets to be very bizarre when you start getting better at speaking, and then while you are speaking, you start simultaneously remembering prior videos with similar voiceovers and/or hand gestures, etc. etc. – it’s just an awkward phenomenon, upon which I thought I’d elaborate; and
  2. Then numero dos – I talk about The Wizard of Oz as akin to my mental-health legislative-advocacy experience, and how it’s all been kind of surreal, and then I cry whilst I ponder what that all means ;0P

So that all sounds rather anti-climactic now, and henceforth and hitherto, I will leave you be with my video ;0)  But I hope everyone’s havin’ a good afternoon, and we’ll see what happens over here…one of these days…just as soon as something happens…I’ll be sure’n let you know!

All my love…