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Hi guys,

Just sitting here wondering whether there is any chance in hell the case I made to my state legislature to create a mental health consumer advocate attorney position within our Office of the Attorney General (and to appoint me to it ;0) will turn out to be good enough.  Good enough that our 130th General Assembly would create the position, and good enough that our Attorney General here in Ohio would accept me into his office, even despite my “seriously mentally ill” sociological label – discrimination aside, all the same…

I don’t know the answer yet — might know by the end of the week after Senate Bill 43 reigns on the House floor this Wednesday — we’ll she if she can reign free.  But as I was sitting here thinking of that tonight, sitting outside on my parent’s porch, I looked up to see our flag out for the holiday, and couldn’t help but think, this is the land of opportunity.  And so, while we may be failing miserably to lead as a great country right now – I don’t know.  There’s just something to be said about a democracy wherein I can go on down to my Ohio Statehouse, and speak out against legislation pending to take my civil rights away, and be heard (post 8 months of great struggle to attain such status no doubt, but all the same…) – I just think there’s something pretty dang’on beautiful about that.

So we shall see.  Fingers crossed, and here’s to dreaming…