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Reflection from January 4th, 2013 @ Age 31


I really hate to trust my gut on account of all the times it’s been so very wrong in the past.  But I really do feel the universe so presently aligning itself for me to take flight.  I know it sounds stupid, but I really do feel it happening.

I’ve begun myself, to prepare accordingly.  Trying my damnedest to enjoy every minute of my life (amidst a yet unknown light at the end of the tunnel…but still…it’s coming).  It’s beautiful.  I love it.

PS – this one’s for Ainsley…the sweetest niece and girliest girl, an girly girl Aunt could ever wish for.  Lookin’ forward to seein’ how your sass too, will change our world. All my love to you Miss Ainsley Varcho ;0)