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Hi guys!

Here’s my newest video, wherein I talk about how I’m using my bipolar strength of “thinking outside the box” to flip the stigma for my brand new youth outreach program ;0)  For the kids!!  It’s pretty exciting – I did the speaking event at Denison University and felt like I was able to lift some heavy hearts up and breathe some new life in.  Kinda like CPR for the soul or something…it was just pretty cool ;0)  I was pretty terrified – but I’m learning more about why that feeling’s not so bad…and in the video, I actually talk about why it can be a pretty great thing as well.

So that’s it for now…I’m tired and am going to go relax for the evening, but I hope you are all well…and be sure if you watch, not to miss the ending.  It’s where I tell ya how much I appreciate your company ;0)

All my love,