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Hi guys!  Here’re my outline and practice videos for the speaking event tonight – got’em done JUST in the nick of time!!


Overcoming Mental Illness & Substance Abuse through Self Acceptance

— Marissa K. Varcho —

April 24th, 2014

INTRODUCTION — No object is so beautiful, that under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.  Oscar Wilde

  1. HATING MYSELF FOR BEING DIFFERENT – The suffering society causes upon those who are different & the downward spiral into substance abuse spurred therefrom.
  2. GETTING HELP – Working through the mental-health system in order to find an effective mental health medical treatment team.
  3. HITTING ROCK BOTTOM – Emotionally abusive spouse’s termination of marriage and subsequent overdose with following hospitalization in psychiatric ward.
  4. DECIDING TO ACCEPT MYSELF AS I AM – Rising up against discrimination and oppression and finding the silver lining in self-acceptance despite growing pains.
  5. LEARNING MY SELF WORTH – Finding the beauty in self-acceptance by shifting focus from negative self-attributes to positive ones.
  6. HOW SELF ACCEPTANCE IS WORKING OUT FOR ME – Learning to have faith in the Universe and trusting that the path I am now on, is the path I am meant to be on.

CLOSING — Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.  Confucius

And then my mom cuts me off, and this is the quick ending:


Maris ;0)