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Reflection from September 19th, 2007 @ Age 26


It’s terrifying to me to see how corporate America has created the newest form of American slavery.  Under the guise of a salary and job insecurity, corporations are forcing freedom out of the free world.

What are people to do about the situation though, when their livelihood depends upon it?  We are no longer free to speak out against inequality because corporations—the very source of economic inequality—have sealed our fate.  

We are not alone, but it will take a mass organization and assembly of the middle and lower classes to defend our once again threatened, basic human rights.  Everyday I’m seeing the damage that’s been done by allowing corporations the same status as human beings under the law.  The intention was made clear from that very start.  If we do not step up to protect human rights, human beings, or at the very least, the human soul—humanity will be destroyed by its own creation.

As public service so often requires — it is going to take individual human beings making a conscious decision to give up some of their comfort (albeit temporary in nature) in order to progress the greater good.  And in the greedy, materialistic, profit-driven society we live in, I just don’t know whether Americans will be willing to take the necessary steps.

We’re all too eager to go home after we’ve sold our souls to the devil, and to ignore the rest of humanity, because we’re too tired and have problems of our own.  What we don’t see when we’re hiding behind our closed doors, is that everybody else’s problems are slowly but surely, with momentum that’s building exponentially everyday—becoming our own.

How long must we hide within our self-made prisons of fear?  How long will it take to realize that a problem of one is a problem for us all?  What has made us so unwilling to help others, when we certainly would expect others to help us in our moments of need?  If we do not take steps to protect ourselves and the human beings surrounding us, our own walls of seeming self-protection will destroy us in the end.

Don’t you see corporations want us to be passive—to not think or assemble, to not care also for our brothers and sisters?!  In doing so, we are passively, but nevertheless most definitely promoting their causes and not those of our own.  Of course they want to scare us to death with job insecurity, to occupy our minds with anxiety and addiction and occupy our time with fulfilling their incessant needs.  And we all too willingly oblige to abandon our own.

We abandon our own needs as human beings to serve those of corporations, which are only working further to keep us quiet and make us forget who, exactly, is being taken advantage of.  Then they buy out our government, making it all the more difficult to secure individuals who will be able to resist the pressures of corporate America and still get re-elected into office to represent human rights.  For human rights do not a campaign pay for.

Only through the organized assembly of human beings will we break this downward cycle.  It is only through learning to love thy neighbor, despite his imperfections—no doubt in light of his imperfections—that we will break this cycle.  Only through learning to abandon our fear of other human beings by sharing in our joint successes and failures rather than judging each other for same, will we break this cycle of evil and cease to destroy ourselves, and very likely all other life, in the process.