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Hi guys!  Here’s a new video wherein I’m working the kinks out of my new speaking idea for my mental-health talk at Denison University on April 24th, 2014 to “silence the stigma”.  In this particular video, I’m just getting started on sorting out the idea, and talk mostly about:

  1. Mental-Health Recovery — not a straight shot deal; more akin to the two-steps forward, one-step back ideology;
  2. Growing Pains — why mental-health recovery sometimes hurts, and why that’s okay in some circumstances; and
  3. “Recovered” vs. “Recovery” — recovery being the evolutionary process through which we get better and better at taking actions to support our mental-health, and learn to exercise the life skill of self-acceptance (i.e. it’s much more than a decision – the decision is just the starting point).

Anyways, here’s the video:

And then lastly, I just wanted to note I’ve got my newest website up and running now finally.  It’s called O.L.O.V. and that’s three now…but I’m pretty sure that’s all I can handle at once ;0)  So I’ll just be juggling the three until the first two become books and this third one, O.L.O.V. (Ohio’s League of Visionaries) – is to follow the development of my mental-health advocacy youth outreach work in the meantime.

Speaking of which—back to it, I go…